When I was a teenager, I was banned from allowing girls to stay over.

Ridiculous, I know, but ‘thems the rules’ as I was constantly told.

Not that there were many scenarios where I actually had a girl to come round, but still, it would have been nice to know I could have.

I genuinely thought that this issue was over having moved out, but recently it reared its ugly head again when I mentioned going home for a few days with my girlfriend.

Fine, my parents said, as long as you stay in separate beds.

I’m 26!!

Anyway, I say this because I have absolutely no experience of trying to sneak a girl out of my parent’s house.

Luckily, this Twitter thread provides me with all the insight I could ever need.

This is an absolute nail-biting thriller. Enjoy:

Ahh, it’s brilliant.

I genuinely loved reading that.

As did many other people by the looks of it:

Twitter gold.

Images via Twitter

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