This Guy Jet Skied Down A Flooded Street To Get A McDonald’s

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Published 08.02.20

A video of a man jet-skiing down a flooded street to get a McDonald’s has gone viral

We’ve all been there.

I mean the things I’ve done for McDonald’s…

A video of a man from Tuggerah, New South Wales, Australia, jet-skiing down a flooded street has gone viral online. According to reports, the man was jet-skiing to McDonald’s for a Maccy D’s fix.

The original video is captioned as follows:

‘When it’s flash flooding outside but ya desperate for some Macca’s.”

The video shows the man performing two 360 degree burnouts as he rolls up to his local Maccy Dees – which just happens to be somewhat submerged.

The video hasn’t even been online for 24 hours and it has already racked up more than 70,000 views, as well as some very mixed comments. Some have called the stunt “inconsiderate” as the ripples from his jet ski will have no doubt pushed even more water into nearby cars, houses and shops.

One Twitter user wrote:

“I am sure that street would be a no wash zone …most inconsiderate.”

Another tweeted:


Another added:

“Hope those waves don’t exacerbate shop front flooding and damage.”

This Twitter user said:

“Just confirms water skiers are selfish d*ckheads. Hope @nswpolice charge him.”

Another added:


Others saw the funny side.

One Twitter user wrote:

“When you need a hash brown, nothing else will do.”

Another tweeted:

“Pick us up a 12 pack of nuggets dude.”

Another said:

“What an absolute icon.”

The east coast of Australia has been battered by severe weather lately, resulting in widespread flooding. Reportedly, the last 24 hours have brought more than 100mm of rain to many parts of the state of New South Wales.

The extreme weather is expected to continue throughout the weekend, as many communities remain on high alert due to flash flooding.

I wonder what he ordered? I think I’d consider being this much of a d**k head for the sake of mozzarella dippers, TBF. 

Images via Twitter/@hansinclair9 and Reddit/AlexMontgom