You know those memes that show posters found “in the wild” advertising really odd services and issues? It turns out they’re all real.

Well, I say real – I mean they weren’t photoshopped onto pre-existing posters on lampposts, but people genuinely did make them.

Although it’s not people, it’s two people, making them all for fun.

Alan Wagner and Sydney Marquez are responsible and explaining his actions to Bored Panda, Alan said:

I knew I wasn’t sassy enough to make traditional memes. So I came up with the idea to make absurd stuff […] and act as though I just found it on the street.

They’re inspired by anything I see or anything I might be thinking about. [Also] as someone who’s struggled with mental illness and never felt like they’ve fit in with what was considered “normal”, I want to attack normal.

They’ve done a fantastic job, I’ve got to say…

Images via Alan Wagner

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