This Hotel Lets You Sleep In A Glass-Walled Lodge In A Tiger Enclosure

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 04.07.19

Sleep amongst the tigers in this wicked-cool hotel.

You see a lot of people on Tinder and the like whose pictures are them hugging up to these drugged up tigers and while it looks cool, it’s not exactly impressive or moral.

Don’t drug up tigers. That’s bad.

In an ideal world, tigers would be left to their natural habitats and the like, but with all of the poachers in the world and generally bad people, that’s not always an option.

Also, like it or loathe it, zoos exist and they probably will for a long time, especially since they’re sometimes the best option for certain animals.

It varies, doesn’t it? Sometimes you get awful zoos that have the animals living in abject filth, and sometimes you have these wonderful places, more like reserves, where the animals can roam around and have fun.

tiger hotel

Port Lympne is one of the latter – even though it’s technically a reserve – and they look after animals such as lions, tigers, wolves and rhinos, but it’s the tigers we’re interested in here.

Everyone knows that tigers are pretty cool, coming with a pretty sweet paint job and just being big, but did you know you could sleep amongst them… sort-of?

Basically, Port Lympne is also a hotel in Kent, South England, and one of the lodges they offer is nestled within the tiger enclosure, complete with a glass wall so you can get right up close to the big cats.

lodge in tiger zoo

It looks amazing…

The bad news – and there is bad news – is that a stay there is categorically not cheap. It costs from £1000-a-night and you know, shit.

tiger lodge port lympne

That includes:

Bottle of Bubbly in lodge on arrival

Golf buggy (from 2pm on day of arrival until 1.00pm on day of departure)

Complimentary truck safari from Base Camp

Entrance to Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Entrance to Howletts Wild Animal Park

So it could be worse…

Come on, you get to see the tigers way up close from, like, you house?!

Images via Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, Getty