This Man Celebrates Christmas EVERY Day Of The Year

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Published 04.12.19
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There is a man out there who celebrates Christmas every single day of the year. Here, we bring this man to your attention.

You’re probably very familiar with  the classic Christmas song ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday‘ by a load of stoned-looking hippies who called themselves ‘Wizzard’.

Sure, it’s a feel-good festive hit that gets you in the Christmas spirit, but have you ever stopped to think what it would really be like if Christmas happened every day?

For me, I’d feel like I was trapped in some kind of perpetual nightmare, caught between hiding my hangover from the night before and putting on a brave face for everybody else.

A never-ending groundhog day of stuffing your face with turkey, spending time with family (AKA those people you haven’t seen all year) and falling out with them over Monopoly.


I’d be fat, tired and skint, which is exactly why I’m A-OK with celebrating Christmas just the one day a year.

However, some people can’t get enough of Christmas.

Take this man who literally celebrates Christmas EVERY day of the year.

Andy Park Mr Christmas

Andy Park, AKA ‘Mr. Christmas’, was working as a delivery man in 1993 when suddenly, he started to wonder: ‘What could I do that’s better than this?’.

For him, leading a more fulfilling and exciting life meant celebrating Christmas every day, as that was the time of year he enjoyed the most.

So, he went home, put the decorations up (which have been up ever since) and never looked back.

Now, everyone has a set routine on Xmas day; mine involves waking up at 10am, have a bacon sarnie with a glass of Bucks Fizz, opening presents, waiting for family to arrive, watching the Queen’s speech, eating until I can no longer move, watching a Christmas film, and falling asleep around 9pm.

As it turns out, Andy has a similar routine too – it’s just that he does this every day.

His day involves waking up excited, going downstairs to open his presents (which he’s bought for himself, LOL) before settling down for the day.

He pops a complete Christmas Dinner in the oven – literally the full shebang – at about 11:30 am, watches a recording of the Queen’s speech (on VHS!!) and then eats dinner at around 2:40pm.

He also opens any cards that he has sent to himself (he writes them out and pops them through his front door) and sometimes, he even invites his neighbours round to eat with him, or anyone else he sees outside who might fancy a bit of Christmas Dinner and cracker-pulling.

Oh, and get this: technically his birthday falls on Christmas Day because Christmas is literally every day in his house, so once a year he gets a birthday and a Christmas on the same day.

Which means, double the presents!

Now I know what you’re thinking: What does his family think of all this?

Well, according to Mr. Christmas himself, they even think he’s a bit ‘mad’ but he says he’s “not hurting anybody and he’s happy doing it”.

However, other people outside his family don’t believe he actually does it.

He said that people often “don’t expect him to do it” because “he can’t possibly celebrate it every day” – but he really does.

When people claim Christmas can’t be special when you celebrate it every day, he simply tells them that’s there’s so much love around Christmas time that it never gets boring.

Does he plan on stopping anytime soon?

Nope. Although he did add that he’s tried to stop in the past – particularly after his daughter started to worry about him. However, he only lasted a week before going back to celebrating Christmas every day again.

I know I began this article by saying I wouldn’t like to celebrate Christmas every day, and, no,  I haven’t changed my mind, but I can definitely understand why Andy does it now.

Do what makes you happy, right?

Now, before I go, let me leave you with a Christmas song from Andy to get you in the festive spirit.

Take it away Mr. Christmas!

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Images via YouTube/Andy Park