We never thought that a soap shaped like a penis would be on our wishlists this Christmas, but life comes at you in surprising ways sometimes.

Dreamboys has just launched a set of naughty penis-shaped soap on-a-ropes, and they’re a perfect stocking filler for anyone with a pretty damn good sense of humour.

Maybe you just want to add a bit of naughtiness to the workplace secret Santa, or you fancy whacking one in the downstairs loo to shock your guests, but you can be sure these will be a talking point.

After all, what better way to shut up your nosey auntie at Christmas than to tactically place these around the house?

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The five inch-long veiny soaps are so detailed they’re quite baffling, slightly arousing, and they come in two luscious scents.

Peaches and Cream – orange shade

English Rose – pink shade

They are available for £9.99 from the Dreamboys Shop alongside other cheeky collectables.

The phallic soaps are part of a new venture which has seen the Dreamboys – who are usually known for their oiled up hunky male strippers – add a new branch to their brand, homeware!

We need them in every scent

And no, unfortunately, the soaps aren’t modelled on their sexy strippers, we checked!

Only last month they launched their hilarious willy scented candles and they sold out completely three times in a row, all in a matter of hours.

They come in three scents; black cherry, mango and passionfruit or vanilla fruits, and they smell divine.

Clearly, there is a demand for penis-shaped items in homes around Britain and we aren’t complaining.