Selling online is one of those things that no-one really enjoys doing.

I’ve never done it for many reasons, but the main two are that I’m too lazy to go to the post office and I can’t stand haggling, least of all when people are trying to do it to me.

I once tried to sell a BMX bike on that app (is it Shpock or something?) and someone genuinely got mad at me when I said I didn’t want to swap it with his set of golf clubs. He kept pestering me so I deleted the app.

Reddit user RebelRoad knows exactly what kinds of people you get when you’re trying to sell something, as he shared his experiences trying to sell a leaf-blower online.

He wanted a pretty fair $120 for said blower but the potential buyer was not having it, demanding he both drop it off (which he wasn’t able to do) and sell it for $40.

Have a read of what transpired…

It baffles me that people like that exist.

It almost reads like some rich teenager whose dad has taught them how to haggle and get what you want. Appalling attitude.

Lovely resolution.

Images via Reddit

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