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This The Shining Bookend Recreates The Infamous Here's Johnny Scene


If you're a lover of Stephen King's novels, you'll enjoy this latest feature - perhaps even more so if you're a fan of Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall in the film adaptation of "The Shining." The handmade Jack Torrance The Shining bookendis the perfect device to hold your books up while also reminding you of that horrific sequence in the movie adaption of "The Shining".

White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend on a brown wooden floor
White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend on a brown wooden floor

Keep all of your Stephen King novels, self-help books on alcoholism and writer's block, or even horror flicks on the shelf company when you keep them upright with Komenza Sculpture's cool new and somewhat horrifying The Shining Bookend Sculpture. This powerful bust of Jack Nicholson's character Jack Torrance from the film The Shining, not the book, is a highly realistic sculptural bookend that will have visitors giving double-takes before fleeing to your backyard's large hedge maze. Each bookend bust is handcrafted and does not include an ax, luckily.

Jack Nicholson, who plays Stephen King's Jack Torrance, pursues after a terrified Shelley Duvall, who plays King's character Wendy Torrance, in this "The Shining" bookend. The iconic sequence in "The Shining" where Jack breaks down a toilet door, pops his face in, and shouts "Heeeere's Johnny" to a terrified Wendy - probably one of the scariest moments in cinema history – serves as the bookend.

Is 'The Shining' A True Story?

Although The Shining was a fictional story, the location was based on genuine hauntings at Colorado's Stanley Hotel. It was about Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), a recovering alcoholic who got a job as a caretaker at a historic hotel during the off-season.

White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend's front view
White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend's front view

Made of clay, ceramic gypsum, and resin, this The Shining bookend sculpture offers lifelike sculpting of Jack's frightening visage. A modest, unobtrusive pedestal holds up the Jack Torrance head, keeping the bookend firm even when holding up surrounding books.

There are flat places to rest books on either side of the face from "The Shining," which will mimic the effect of the door from the movie, allowing Jack's face to protrude out creepily.

White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend between a tuft of books on a dark brown wooden bookshelf
White ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend between a tuft of books on a dark brown wooden bookshelf

This handmade Jack Torrance sculpture bookend is the appropriate height and mass for holding up books, measuring 11.8 inches tall by 7.8 inches broad and deep. It should fit in on just about any bookshelf.

Kurt, one of the reviewers, is currently looking for Stephen King's First Editions to place alongside the Jack Torrance bookend. The bookcase received a 5-star rating in a review from, Kurt wrote,

“The Shining,” Kurt wrote, “Words cannot describe this... I LOVE it and now have to start looking for Stephen King First Editions to display with it!”

Side view of 'The Shining' Bookend on brown wooden surface
Side view of 'The Shining' Bookend on brown wooden surface

Whether or not you've read Stephen King's novel, "The Shining" bookends one of the most memorable film scenes in history and one we undoubtedly wish we could forget! This Jack Torrance bookend is a great addition to any "The Shining" fan's decor, and it's well worth the money.

The Shining Bookend is constructed entirely by hand using clay, ceramic gypsum, and resin.

Here, Johnny is a bookend that is 7 inches tall by 4.3 inches broad.

Closed view of white ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend
Closed view of white ceramic 'The Shining' Bookend

If you require a secondary or outer-end bookend, match the "The Shining" bookend with these genuine Lord Of The Rings Bookends, which will give the impression that you have even more Stephen King novels, as long as your guests don't stare at them too long.

The heavy-duty Shining Bookend will keep all of your books, CDs, and DVDs clean and upright. It can be utilized as a movie commemorative figurine or for décor, creating a sense of suspense in your space!

Brown colored lord of the rings bookend between brown books
Brown colored lord of the rings bookend between brown books
  • The books are supported by an unexpected, not straight, angle by the falling bookend.
  • The bookend sticks out on the shelf, generating curiosity and a sense of humor.
  • The bookend is hidden beneath the cover of the first book that needs to be maintained (a hardcover book is recommended).
  • Then a few more books can be added to it.
  • This gives the impression that the books are ready to fall on the man's figure, who is defending himself by raising his arms towards them.
A black colored man stature leaning away from falling books bookend on a bookshelf
A black colored man stature leaning away from falling books bookend on a bookshelf


You might require this fantastic The Shining bookend sculpture if you're a major fan of The Shining, Jack Nicholson, Stephen King, or Stanley Kubrick!

Isn't that an odd occurrence? Someone, I'm sure, will be delighted to see that head protruding from his bookshelves. What Stephen-King (books on amazon)/Jack-Nicholson fan could possibly resist that?

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