This Time Lapse Of A Dog Growing Bigger Is Brilliant In Every Way

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News, Weird
Published 12.03.19
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A favourite video of the internet is when people take photos of themselves every day for like 10 years. How on earth can they be arsed to do it?

I tried getting into meditating recently – which only takes five minutes every day – and I sacked it off after less than a week. I’m dangerously short-sighted and find it virtually impossible to see the merits in doing something for the long-term.

It’s hindered my career no end.

Simply, I could never be bothered to put in that amount of effort for one measly video that nobody would watch or care about. Fortunately, though, there are people out there that can see the bigger picture in life, such as this dog owner who’s managed to capture her pooch gracefully growing up into quite the specimen.

The mutt goes from pint-sized to giant bear in a matter of seconds, and I have to say it’s fantastic and wholesome in every conceivable way.

I want one. Just so I can do this with them:

I love it. I love every, f*cking bit of it and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees.

It reminds me of Simba in the Lion King when he ages as he walks along that bridge with Timon and Pumba.

How long must that bridge have been by the way?

It’s a big, lovely dog and it’s evoked big, lovely reactions on social media:

Bit suspicious that the woman’s clothes are exactly the same and the background hasn’t changed at all but lets not ruin the moment here.

That IS the same dog and won’t listen to any of the naysayers.

In case you were wondering, the good boy is apparently a Tibetan Mastiff.

Wonder if my landlord will let me have one?

Images via Twitter