This Woman Just Realised She’s Been Washing Her Hands With A Block Of Cheese For Days

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Published 16.03.20

So this woman just realised she’s been washing her hands with a block of cheese for days. DAYS.

LOL, but also, go and get yourself tested for COVID-19, immediately. IMMEDIATELY.


You’ve gouda be kiddin’.

Wait, I can do better than that.

Not a grate a movie.


I’m not exactly surprised that a plethora of “hand-washing” stories keep finding their way to me rn. I mean we’re living in catastrophically turbulent and down-right f*cked up times, where all any of us can really do is stay inside, persistently follow the hashtag ‘coronavirus’ and NEVER stop washing our hands. News stories always follow trends and naturally, washing our hands is trending right now (although slightly concerned it took a pandemic for us to give a sh*t about washing our hands, but anyway).

Side note – coronavirus, I think it’s time you f*cked off already. Now that you’ve taken Idris Elba hostage and basically stopped us all from going to the pub, I’ve well and truly had it you.


Anyway, this “hand-washing” story mildly (get it?) cheered me up tonight, so I thought it was my responsibility as an ethical journalist to share it with you.

A woman called Miley, who is from Vancourver, Washington recently shared this picture on Reddit, along with her particularly unique hand-washing story.

According to Miley, she’d recently been wondering why her soap wasn’t foaming like it usually does over the course of several days – spoiler alert: it was a block of cheese.

And she’d been washing her hands with it for days.


Miley’s clearly somewhat of a joker as she was keen to share her hilarious blunder with Reddit and take the flack for it.

She wrote:

“Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese.”

And here’s why it took her days to realise her mistake:

Un-BRIE-lievable. But thank you, Miley. We all needed that laugh at your expense. 

Images via Reddit and Getty