This Woman’s Story About Keith Flint Changing How She Gave Birth Is Incredible

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News, World
Published 05.03.19
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With Keith Flint tragically passing away, having taken his own life, the news broke yesterday to many heartbroken fans across the world.

He provided a voice to a generation and was able to simultaneously inspire younger generations at the same time as terrifying their parents.

You have to admire that kind of work.

Twitter was ablaze with tributes for The Prodigy front man…

But there was one tribute that got people talking more than usual, and that came courtesy of Fiona Mills.

The BBC Radio Humberside presenter told the tale of how she accidentally listened to Flint’s vocals when she was giving birth, and it’s brilliant…

You just couldn’t write it.

Meanwhile, James Blunt posted a touching tribute, saying that while he was being shunned by many artists, such as the perpetually underwhelming and stuck in the past Paul Weller, Keith Flint was a pure and genuine gentleman…

Rest in peace, Keith.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family in this difficult time.

Images via Twitter, Getty