Those White Suits In The Latest ‘Endgame’ Trailer Tease A Huge Plot Detail

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Film
Published 15.03.19
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I was disappointed by the Endgame trailer when it dropped yesterday.

Not because it wasn’t explosive and jam-packed full of details, but because it was.

Bear with me on this: I’ve been waiting for the best part of 10 years for the conclusion to all this action, which means I didn’t want the excitement ruined by spoilers and details that would give too much away.

I was more than happy to go into the cinema on April 26th thinking Tony was still stuck on Titan and what’s left of the Avengers were trying to process that ‘snap’ at the end of Infinity War.

Having watched the trailer, though, and then writing this article, I know more than I ever wanted to. That’s the problem with this job, it’s impossible to avoid spoilers.

So with that in mind let’s talk about those white uniforms.

Firstly, some people hated them:

More importantly, though, they tease a very crucial plot detail.

In the trailer we see Captain America, Nebula, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, War Machine, Black Widow and Iron Man wearing the new suits, with Thor, Rocket, Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel noticeably missing.

However, beyond their obvious aesthetic appeal – I happen to really like them – it’s pretty apparent that these high-tech uniforms are Quantum Realm suits; capable of saving the universe and bringing back all those who were lost at the end of Infinity War.

It’s well known that Endgame will document the survivors trying to undo Thanos’ snap that killed half of everyone in the universe — and that’s likely to involve time travel. And so if they’re messing with the Time Vortex and righting the wrongs of Thanos, they need some kind of specific suit to help them do it – much like how Ant-Man has to wear his suit to shrink and enlarge himself.

And once Ant-Man somehow makes his way out of the Quantum Realm (not sure about that one) he’ll likely team up with the remaining Avengers – and Captain Marvel – to show them how to restore half the universe.

Of course it’s all just speculation at the moment, albeit fairly strong speculation.

I hope I’m wrong but it all just seems to make sense. I don’t know, maybe they’ll throw a curveball at us. Maybe Thanos will regret what he’s done and put things back to how they were.

That’d be disappointing.

Images via Marvel/YouTube