Thousands Join ‘Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can’t Sack Us All’ Group

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Published 24.07.19

With the ‘Storm Area 51’ page going more viral than anyone could have anticipated, ‘Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can’t Sack Us All’ has arrived and it’s gaining traction.

Working in general seems like a thankless task. Sure, you get paid, but it never feels like enough.

It seems that the price of everything has gone up due to inflation in the past few years and the only exception to that is the wages companies have to pay their staff.


Wages have been cruising around the same numbers for far too long now and it’s easy to hold grudges against the companies who employ you when all you’re apparently doing is help the rich get richer whilst you’re being priced out of a tiny flat and two nights out a month.

So it only makes sense that, in their own way, people want to revolt. People want to look their bosses in the eye and say “oh piss off for just one day”. Well that’s exactly what they’re doing with this new Facebook group.


Essentially building on the ‘Storm Area 51’ group, ‘Leave Work And Go The Beer Garden, They Can’t Sack Us All’ is doing the rounds on Facebook, with over 18,000 attending and a further 65,000 interested.


Hosted in London by ‘The Sesh’, the page’s event is die to happen on the 19th of August, and the attending numbers are growing by the second.

leave work beer garden

Honestly, it would make sense if the occasion happened tomorrow [25th July] since it’s apparently going to be 38 degrees celsius in London – and god knows our summer won’t last all of the way until late August – but yeah I’ll probably still be there.

Also, a Monday? Really?! That doesn’t at all seem like a good idea.


leave work can't sack all

If I were in charge, I’d do it on Thursday. You can get as drunk as you like without worrying about a hangover because everyone knows Friday’s at work aren’t even real days. It’s the perfect situation.

Like I say though, I’ll still be there.

So you can be too, if you follow this link and click ‘Attending’. God speed.

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