Three women named Karen appeared on UK daytime TV show This Morning to complain about the “racist” use of their name, which really screams 2020.

There’s a lot going on in the world regarding equal rights, equity and diversity, so it seems a little odd that a pack of women have decided to appear on live television, upset that people are using their name as an anti-racist movement.

Sure, it would be hard being called Karen in this current climate, where your name basically equates to being a racist, white, middle-aged mother who wants to talk to the manager, so you can sort of empathise, but it’s hard to take them seriously.

Karen Masters – master of the Karens – created a to see her and other Karens’ names not used by media to convey to anti-progressive movement, and appeared on This Morning alongside two other Karens to share her thoughts.

She admitted that at first it was funny to see all of the memes and then like on TikTok and Twitter, but now it’s gotten out of hand. Masters explained:


When the Black Lives Matter protests started and there was a lot of media putting Karen as racist it sort of took a life of its own.

And I feel that we can’t, as Karens, now talk about how this is affecting us because we are told we are entitled if we do this. I set up a to show this is not fair for us to put up with this.

We’re labelled as racist, entitled, anti-maskers and we’re just not that sort of person.

It’s just totally unfair and we want the media and the tabloids and papers to stop using our name to describe racist people. I think we should describe racist people as racist and stop using our name“.

This Morning Karens

It would be awful, to be fair.


Karen Trigg echoed this, saying:

I can take a joke but it’s now linked with so much bad stuff; it’s spiralling into my everyday life.

At work, I even try to hide my name badge behind my hair and when people ask my name I say ‘unfortunately…it’s Karen.’

I’ve got many insecurities, but I didn’t think my name would end up being one of them“.

If calling people Karen because they’re racist or entitled is over, then which name is next?


In all seriousness there should just be a word for it.


There’s no point in upsetting potentially good people named Karen.