Carole Baskin is selling her own coronavirus masks now to help keep us healthy, while reminding onlookers that we’re cool cats and kittens.

A month or so ago, you could absolutely not get your hands on yeast or self-raising flour as everyone decided that they’re expert bakers, but now you can’t get your hands on elastic string as everyone’s a seamstress making their own face masks.

Luckily, we don’t all need to make our own masks these days as you can already buy them pre-made or better yet, Carole Baskin-themed.

That’s right; Carole Baskin is selling her own range of coronavirus face masks.

carole baskin face mask

Carole Baskin became one of the most hated people in pop culture when Tiger King was released on Netflix.

There are four reasons for this; Joe Exotic is very charismatic so you more or less side with him even if you don’t want to, everyone thinks she killed her ex husband to inherit her money, f*cking over his family in the process, her new husband is a complete and utter weirdo with a very punchable face and it was edited to make her seem evil.


Do I think she had something to do with her husband’s disappearance and had prior men try to take restraining orders out on her? Yes I do. Do I think she’s any worse than any other people on the main cast of Tiger King? No. Absolutely not.

That goes to either Jeff Lowe or Doc Antle and Baskin was almost certainly done dirty by the edit. Nonetheless, she’s back on her feet (cats always land on their feet) as she’s selling face masks.

Each mask will set you back $11, but proceeds go “directly to supplying free face masks to first responders”, as stated by to Tread 365, who partnered with Baskin on the masks.


It’s a worthy cause and you can’t really take that away from her can you? She’s genuinely doing a good thing, which is more than what can be said for most of the cast of that particular Netflix documentary.

Good luck to her.

Images via Netflix, Facebook