It’s not every day you become a global superstar from behind bars whilst serving a 22-year stint, but as we all know that is what happened for Joe Exotic after his story featured in the docu-series, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix.

Exotic now plans to make a comeback, albeit from the confinements of his cell or so, Joe’s husband, Dillon Passage revealed to

Joe who was sentenced to a lengthy 22-years in prison for animal abuse and conspiring to kill Carole Baskin will most likely see out the rest of his life behind bars as he is now 57.

Passage revealed that hubby, Joe was now working with broadcasters in the States in a bid to get his own radio show on the airwaves.

“This radio station here in the US wants him to have his own radio show from inside prison”, Passage said.

“So, we’ll see what happens with that. It’s kind of mind-blowing”.


It appears that keeping their relationship and marriage alive from behind bars has become difficult of late as Dillon revealed the pair were unable to speak as much as they had been before as their usual three to five times a day conversations were cut short since Exotic was moved to a prison in Texas.

“I’ve only been able to speak with him two times in the last two and a half weeks”, adding that the last time the pair spoke was on Monday.

Adding: “He wishes he could talk more. He doesn’t really get phone call privileges mainly because he’s still in isolation for the coronavirus stuff”.

“His test results did come back negative for the virus” – which must have been a bit of a relief for Dillon.

In a recent video call, Exotic joked that he would walk out of prison the same level of crazy he was before and that it ‘would be nice’ if he could actually see himself being famous on the outside as he had only seen the same four walls for the past year and a half.


Exotic did add that he was ashamed himself for how he treated his animals and thanked his husband for standing by him.

Joe added that he firmly believes he should be ‘exonerated’ from all charges involving Baskin and that the ‘saga’ should be over now.

Passage added that Joe ‘absolutely loves the attention’ and revealed that Joe had received a ‘load of really good feedback, a lot of letters [and] a lot of emails’ off the back of the show which must keep his spirits up.

And Exotic certainly seems just as loopy as ever when he appeared on livestream on ‘A Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ recently – here’s his interview.

We think an ‘on-the-inside’ radio show would be epic and if anyone could pull it off with all his fascinating and eccentric stories it would definitely be Exotic.

Sign the man up.

Images via Netflix, Twitter