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Tiktok Stream Key - What Is That And How Does It Work?


Don't panic if you've been attempting to find out how to obtain a TikTok stream keyand keep hitting a brick wall of useless or incorrect information. You've (finally) arrived at the ideal location.

With its enormous array of features, TikTok is quickly overtaking Instagram as one of the most popular social networking sites in the world.

The Chinese service has recently established a name for itself in the streaming community and is seeing continuously increasing user numbers.

Even simple streaming software like OBS Studio can be used to launch a broadcast on TikTok. We'll explain where to look for the required TikTok Stream Key and how to insert it in this comprehensive and detailed guide.

Get A TikTok Stream Key (Streamlabs TikTok OBS) [Easiest Method]

What Is The TikTok Stream Key?

You can stream for free with OBS Studio, which supports multiple platforms for livestreaming. OBS Studio needs access to your streaming platform account in order to do it.

A method known as the "Real Time Messaging Protocol," or RTMP for short, uses a "stream key" in place of the complete login process. The stream key is a random string of numbers and letters that holds all of the information about your account on a streaming platform.

So, using the TikTok Stream Key, you can start a stream right away by entering the Stream Key at OBS Studio just once.

The stream key can only be found behind your password-protected account section on the platform, making it the easiest and safest way to prove that you are the channel owner.

Additionally, the TikTok stream key can be renewed at any time, thwarting potential hackers in the event of the slightest discrepancy.

Despite all the security, you should take care to never provide your TikTok stream key to a stranger, because someone who has it can easily start a live stream using your account and possibly commit fraud.

TikTok Stream Key Requirements

Your TikTok Stream Key is essentially stored in a location in the TikTok app; however, this location is either only accessible to a small number of individuals or is only visible under particular circumstances.

The truth is that not everyone has the chance to immediately go live on TikTok. Only those of you who have amassed 1,000 followers will have access to TikTok's streaming capability.

Therefore, we advise using any comprehensive advice on "Getting followers on TikTok" if you wish to go live but do not yet have the required amount of followers. You can discoverhow to quickly expand your TikTok following so that you can launch your own TikTok live stream.

There are no more prerequisites. The feature will automatically unlock if you reach 1,000 followers, giving you access to the TikTok app's more complex features.

Then, you have two options for going live: utilizing the RTMP variation plus a streaming application like OBS Studio, or just using your smartphone and the app directly. In the part after this one, we'll explain how to locate your TikTok Steam Key, which you'll need for this technique.

Important note:Although some Live creators have the live capability, this key is not one of them. However, as soon as further details become available, we'll keep you informed and update this site!

How To Find Your TikTok Stream Key - 2022 TikTok OBS Tutorial

How To Get TikTok Stream Key On PC?

Your TikTok Stream Key can only be found in the TikTok app if you wish to set up your stream on your PC with OBS Studio. It is available for download and installation from your operating system's app store (iOS or Android). Your Tiktok stream key is available once you've signed in with your account.

  • Activate the TikTok app.
  • Open the camera by clicking the "+" in the bottom center.
  • Sliding to "LIVE" (as already mentioned, only available with more than 1,000 followers).
  • The words "Device Camera" and "Transfer to PC/Mac" are clickable and are located underneath the red "Start Live" button. Click "Start Live" after selecting this item.
  • Now a new window will open with the server URL and the stream key shown in it. Copy these two things since you need them for OBS.

As previously stated, use caution and keep your personal TikTok Stream Key private. Anyone can use it to start a live stream with your account because it contains all of your TikTok account's details.

You won't require the Stream Key again once you've configured it using OBS Studio. It is saved permanently in the program and won't need to be entered again unless you reinstall it or switch to another streaming tool.

As the stream key is presently only displayed on your smartphone in the TikTok app, you will need to manually enter the somewhat lengthy sequence of numbers into your streaming program while the TikTok app is open on your smartphone.

There is no requirement to create an account before to downloading, during installation, or for actual use of the free program. You can download it and immediately begin using it without any limits.

People Also Ask

How Do I Get My TikTok Stream Key?

After logging in, click "Go Live." You will be prompted to enter your stream key and server URL on the pop-up window.

Where Is TikTok Stream Key And URL?

  • Moving toward "LIVE" (available only to those with over 1,000 followers).
  • The phrases "Device Camera" and "Transfer to PC/Mac" are clickable and may be found beneath the "Start Live" button.
  • After selecting this item, click the "Live" button.
  • The server URL and stream key will now be displayed in a new window.

What Does TikTok Stream Key Mean?

The magic key to live streaming gameplay from your PC to TikTok is a TikTok stream key. It connects to your preferred streaming service, such as Streamlabs or OBS Studio, and streams your material in real time, like a stream key for YouTube or Twitch.


TikTok streaming is growing more and more well-liked. The website, which was first developed for the distribution of only short videos, is now a significant rival to Instagram and its peers.

You may even begin streaming on your personal computer or laptop using the TikTok Stream Key. You can use any streaming tool, however, we'd like to suggest OBS Studio because it's absolutely free.

Once you get 1000 TikTok followers, you may start a live stream and quickly get your stream key so you can enter it into the streaming app of your choice.

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