If you’re squeamish, prepare to wince at how gross this is.

2020 has been the year of hand sanitiser and increased hygiene standards, but one TikTok user has utterly revolted the internet by revealing just how much dirt, grime and earwax is hidden away inside our gadgets.

Think about it, many of us have our phones practically surgically attached to us for the majority of the day, and some people just have a lot of earwax.

A technology repair shop in Ireland wants to save us from grimy gadgets, launching a TikTok account showing you how to clean iPhones and earbuds.


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In one stomach-churning video, they clean out the charger port of the phone, which they’ve nicknamed ‘the belly button of your iPhone’. Oh, no. 

Turns out it’s not just dust clogging up the port, but dead skin, dirt and fluff from clothes, and was a fairly simple fix with a thin metal tool used to scrape it, and then a hairdryer to blow the rubbish away.

The earbuds are where things get really revolting though.

In the super close up video, you can see ear wax and hair has compacted inside the bud. The technicians use isopropyl alcohol to soften the wax, and then use what looks like a blunt toothpick to shift it. Yuck.

It’s probably a good idea not to share your earphones with anyone else. Eww.

Official Apple support forums also feature users sharing stories of sucking on their AirPods to clear debris out of them. Please don’t try this at home (without a bucket nearby, at least.)

Sorry about that.

Image via Alamy