Dancers on TikTok are doing the unthinkable by injuring themselves dancing to WAP.

When the video for WAP was released, people all over the world wanted to be able to dance like stars Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and luckily for them, dancer and choreographer Brian Esperon was there to help.


Reply to @sorschagael Here’s the tutorial for my #WAP dance! I wonder if @charlidamelio & @addisonre will do this 🤔 Tag them and any other dancers!

♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Posting a video of him dancing flawlessly to the music, people soon requested that he slow down in order for them to learn the moves. Esperon happily obliged and many WAP fans decided to try it out.


For the most part, you could say that most of the efforts flew under the radar, but then that would be ignoring the exploits of Allison – aka @lib_bbbbbbb – who ended up in hospital.

Attempting the famous splits, Allison made the mistake of not doing them right (easy to do) and popped her knee out of place, which as you can all agree, sound f*cking awful.

Nonetheless, she still uploaded the video to TikTok, albeit with the caption “Never doing the WAP dance again” and Brian himself ended up seeing it. He then asked if anyone else had injured themselves trying out his dance, to which he recevied a few responses saying they had, though the other injuries were less extreme.


One person replied “I just kept getting floor burns on my knees,” while another said, “I’ve been trying it and I cannot walk. My legs are on fire.” Meanwhile, someone else claims that they broke their toe trying it, and another said they did their back in. Ouch.

If you feel compelled to dance, probably don’t start with a famously hard dance.