Time Traveller From 2075 Has Come To 2019 To Warn Us About The Future

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 17.05.19

A time traveller from 2075 has come to the present day with news for us.

They’re coming thick and fast, these time travellers, aren’t they?

Something about 2018 and 2019 really captured the imagination of future folk and now you can’t move for people giving us foreboding messages about what’s to come.

You’d have thought that if they were from the future, they’d know that no-one ever takes ApexTV seriously, but no; they’re all on there.


This particular fella’s called Kasper (it’s always white men, isn’t it?) and he says he was sent back to 2019 on a mission to gather information from the past, which is very vague but obviously true.

He then goes on the reference some very “shocking” news that he’s got for us. In fact he mentions that the news just over the horizon is particularly shocking an awful lot before he actually shares it.

Have a watch if you want. I won’t blame you if you can’t be arsed for it – I hardly could, but it’s my job to sort of listen to what he has to say. I’ll sum up the big bits below…

Forgot to mention that people from the future dress like tw*ts, didn’t he?

He did a lot of talking, but really didn’t say anything.


He speaks about how the Earth is one huge united nation in the future, before mentioning the state of several countries by name and the presidential elections as if they’d still be relevant.

Why are we all united as one nation? I’ll tell you why; aliens. Aliens come from another dimension, no less, and while some live amongst us harmoniously, other are warmongering.


There’s a few other small points, like children get more rights, humans can have microchips that connect them to the internet and somehow save lives from 2021 and he’s a big fan, and the world is dangerously overpopulated, despite him being a component for these chips that save ‘millions upon millions’ of lives.


His biggest warning though was about LA and how it completely floods due to global warming. He says this can still be avoided but then goes on to say don’t worry because the city is protected by a huge bubble, as many cities will be.

Other things happen. He claims he’s being watched by a military helicopter, despite being sent from the future and not in conjunction with present day authorities who absolutely wouldn’t know about these kinds of mission.

That’s more or less it. Take all of it with an ocean of salt but yeah, one thing he said is right; let’s stop sea levels rising.

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