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Tinder Openers That Will Guarantee A Response In 2023


With the popularity and ease of use of dating applications like Tinder, dating has never been easier, right?

Anyone who has used the app will tell you that this isn't always the case. Instead of searching for other singles in your region, you'll have to sift through hundreds of profiles.

At the same time, when you do find someone you like, you have to compete for attention with catchy Tinder openers.

So, how can you not only pique a potential new partner's interest, but also maintain it long enough to go to that crucial first date?

Write More Than Hey Or Hi

A Cartoon Depiction Of Internet Hookup Through Tinder.png
A Cartoon Depiction Of Internet Hookup Through Tinder.png

Tinder openers such as "hey" or "hello" are the most likely to be disregarded when checking messages.

They don't mention anything about you and leave it up to the other person to carry on the conversation.

It might be enough to entice them to glance at your profile, but if you really want to start them talking, try some basic but engaging sentences.

  • "How's your day?" is a little overused, and you won't get much more than "fine" in response. "Hey, have you watched any excellent movies lately?" is a nice example of a more targeted question.
  • Begin with a fascinating tidbit about yourself or something you've recently discovered. It kicks off the sharing process and allows you to put your knowledge to the test.
  • Please begin by introducing yourself. It's not particularly showy, but if done well, it may serve as a reminder of why they liked you in the first place. Furthermore, there are occasions when being nice and clear is the ideal strategy.
  • Begin by posing a question. People enjoy sharing personal information, and it almost always results in at least one response. "What does an ideal day look like for you?" for example. This is also a fantastic approach to nudge the conversation toward a face-to-face encounter.

Personalize Your Tinder Openers

A Man On The Tinder App
A Man On The Tinder App

Take the time to look at their photos and read their bio, even if it seems obvious. Try making a unique comment on something you observe. It doesn't have to be something profound, but demonstrating that you thought about it is a good start.

  • Rather than merely telling them how hot they are, mention how much you admire an item of clothing or haircut. It comes across as more genuine and is more likely to elicit a response.
  • In their bio, they invite you to answer any questions they have. Take it if they offer you an opener!
  • If they have a picture of their pet, mention how adorable it is. The majority of people are quite proud of their fluffy companions.

Have A Good Bio

A Cartoon Depiction Of Tinder
A Cartoon Depiction Of Tinder

While you're looking at their bio, why don't you have a look at your own? There is no such thing as a "perfect" method that will guarantee you matches. However, there are a few basic strategies to avoid scaring (or boring) potential dates away.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Prioritize the information you include, as no one wants to read a wall of text before engaging in conversation with you.
  • Include hobbies or interests that can be used as a conversation starter.
  • If you want to keep things simple, one witty remark that expresses your personality may be all you need to pique their interest.

Show Your Personality

A Man And A Woman Chatting On The Tinder App
A Man And A Woman Chatting On The Tinder App

If you matched, it's safe to assume they liked something they saw, so make sure your opening sentence maintains the excellent initial impression.

These Tinder openings might vary depending on who you are, but always remember to be genuine.

At first, you might be inclined to adopt a sophisticated demeanor. Just remember that they'll eventually want to meet the real you, so start with your finest, most authentic self.

If You’re A Nerd, Be Proud!

A Woman About To Choose A Man
A Woman About To Choose A Man

A well placed quote or reference from your favorite movie or book series can work well, especially of you see signs they may be into it as well.

Maybe reconsider more obscure lines; you don’t want to start out by confusing anyone.

Or Show Off Your Funny Side

A Woman On The Tinder App
A Woman On The Tinder App

Open with a joke or bit of observational humor as long as it’s not mean spirited.

Over the top cheesy pickup lines and puns are pretty hit-or-miss, but if you’re feeling it and willing to take a chance, why not try?

Take It Offline

A Woman On Tinder
A Woman On Tinder

It's easy for a Tinder chat to get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day activities, so getting off the app and into your first in-person date is sometimes the best move you can make.

It's better to be plain and basic while making this shift; arranging a get-together is difficult enough without having to worry about being too charming while doing so.

  • Don't be hesitant to approach them early and ask them out. The worst they might say is no, and why wait if you like them?
  • It also helps to have an event in mind so that all they have to do is say yes instead of choosing something.

Make sure you know something to talk about once you've gotten the date.

4 Tinder Openers - How To Start A Conversation On Tinder (99% Response Rate)

People Also Ask

How Do You Use Tinder Openers?

What makes an excellent Tinder opener is what you want to say. Take up some fascinating emojis, jokes, quotes, or simply ask inquiries on their bio if you want to sound interesting. It's fine to be amusing or flirtatious, but don't go overboard.

What Is A Good First Line For Online Dating?

"I'm new to this dating environment, and to be honest, it worries me"; "I don't usually contact people on here, but I find you quite intriguing"; "How does a person like me get a date with someone like you?"

What Should I Say On Tinder?

  • Inquire about items that aren't mentioned in her bio....
  • Take a look at her animal pals...
  • Demonstrate that you're paying attention to her profile...
  • Let's talk about common interests....
  • Take advantage of her location....
  • Don't forget to compliment the scenery in her images.

What Is A Good Flirty Question?

So, if I kissed you right now, what would you do? What is your most powerful attraction? What is your most vexing irritant? Do you prefer to be cuddled or kissed?


A Match On The Tinder App
A Match On The Tinder App

Finally, keep in mind that Tinder messaging is a numbers game in the end. Not everyone is seeking for the same things, no matter how clever your Tinder opener or engaging your bio is.

Don't be hesitant to send a lot of messages, and experiment with different Tinder openers to find which ones work best for you.

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