Tinder is the online dating industry’s biggest app, completely normalising the swipe right methods. The system is simple enough, swipe right for yes, and left for no.

Who gets the most matches on Tinder?

Cosmopolitan recently collaborated with Tinder to find the 30 most swiped-right users in the UK and Ireland while revealing many of their tricks of the trade.

They ask ask each of them what makes a successful Tinder profile and shows a diverse range of people, with varying sexualities, race, and gender.

The popular members are aged between 19-34, and include models and students through to songwriters and Prince Harry lookalikes.

Here they (mostly) are:


Who are the most right-swiped people on Tinder?

Ella-Morgan, 25, Cosmetic Surgeon Consultant, London

Chanel, 27, Singer, London

JJ, 28, Barber, Cheltenham

Daire, 27, Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur, Dublin


Elise, 19, Food Retail Assistant, County Antrim

Eliana, 19, Student, Aberdeen

Marley, 22, DJ, Swansea

Adam, 23, Songwriter, Cheltenham

Ryan, 22, Wakeboarder, Berkshire

Mia, 21, Personal Trainer, London


Graham, 29, Financial Services, Edinburgh

Shane, 21, Entrepreneur, County Westmeath

Mia, 19, Ambulance Dispatcher, Devon

Ali, 19, Student, Model and PT, County Down

Paris, 21, Model, London

Marcus, 21, Student, Leeds


How do I get more matches on Tinder?

Well firstly, it seems like being a model kind of helps. A large number of these singletons seem to model on the side, so that’s always a good start. It makes sense, after all, as this is an app based mostly on the looks of the person. However, if you are a normal person whose career doesn’t revolve around your face and body, they do have some advice for your bio and messaging too.

The general consensus is to have a bio with a little bit about you that can open up conversation. Mia, a 19 year old ambulance dispatcher said she swipes right based on a ‘witty bio’, because it lets her know whether that person will have a sense of humour on a date. Dáire only gives his name, location and Instagram handle, because ‘you don’t want to give it all away up front.’ So the trick is to be short and sharp with a bio then, enough to pull someone in, but not your entire life story is not necessary. Ask questions, be witty, and let the conversation flow.

What are the best ways to get matches on Tinder?

Girls, don’t be afraid to message first! Overwhelming advice from the girls suggested that messaging first does more good than harm. Long gone are the days where men are expected to pull all the weight, and they can be just as scared too. Mia, a 21 year old personal trainer from London told Cosmopolitan to ‘shoot your shot!’ if you see someone who is your type on the dating app. Peter agrees, saying that it is ‘2019, anyone can do what they want’.

That being said, the successful men on tinder also message first.

Jesse, a 28 year old barber from Cheltenham said that they have been on a whopping 52 dates in 52 weeks in the Cosmopolitan interview. They said that if it doesn’t go any further from a week of chatting, they would probably ghost the woman. There you go then, get a move on! Chatting to your tinder date has to go somewhere.


According to Eliana, a 19 year old student from Aberdeen says that it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you can chat and get on well. Cinema dates are not the best idea, and maybe don’t take your first date somewhere like a funeral, which is where Chanel, 27 was asked to.