Tinder’s Most Right-Swiped Man Is Back On The App After Splitting From Girlfriend

AvatarHannah Humphreys in News, UK
Published 02.01.20

Ripped male model, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 29, is considered Tinderโ€™s most right-swiped male after shooting to fame in 2017.


Back then,ย  the dating app announced 14,600 women had swiped right for him in two years โ€“ more than any other Brit.

Dubbed โ€˜Mr Tinderโ€™ โ€“ what a title to have, Stefan has recently announced he is back in the dating game for the start of the new decade as he splits from former X-Factor contestant Natasha Boon, 27.


The pair only begun dating in August 2019 after meeting the โ€˜old fashionedโ€™ way through a friend.

Not one of the 14,600 that slipped into his potential matches thenโ€ฆ Tinder works well.


Stefan had spent five years looking for love on dating apps before meeting Natasha.

โ€œI became single last week when my ex and I agreed our relationship wasnโ€™t workingโ€, he said.


โ€œWe were arguing and clashed a lot and agreed that we were different. I just wanted to be by myself for a bit and get my own space backโ€, he adds.

Stefan revealed he hasnโ€™t ruled out reactivating his Tinder profile in his quest to find love.

โ€œI canโ€™t see why I wouldnโ€™t go back on and use Tinder, so Iโ€™ll be getting back on it soon and Iโ€™m going to try and find a lucky ladyโ€.


Donโ€™t hang about, do you Stefan?!

โ€œIt would be great to do what I did before on the app because I would talk to lots of different people and go on dates, it was funโ€, says Stefan.

โ€œBut right this minute I donโ€™t feel like tinkering just yet โ€“ I lived with my ex for six months so it would be hard to move on that quicklyโ€, he continues.


With an average of 20 women per day swiping right for Stefan over the 24-month period he was active on Tinder, we expect that single ladies the length and breadth of the UK, from John Oโ€™Groats to Landโ€™s End cannot wait for his return.

After becoming โ€˜Mr Tinderโ€™, Stefan even made an appearance on TV dating show, Celebs Go Dating.

Stefan reveals that when he first acquired the title of โ€˜Mr Tinderโ€™ he found it all a bit of a practical joke but believes the key to his successful swipe right stats was his TV appearances and modelling.


Trained as a pilot, Stefan is now getting back into flying again since his split from Natasha, which he hopes may even lead to him bagging a fellow pilot girlfriend.

Women everywhere quickly rush to change their job description/hobbies bio on Tinder.

Stand out from the crowd girls but form an orderly queue.


โ€œWhen I was on dating apps, I got the impression that people just wanted to speak with Mr Tinder. That didnโ€™t make it easy for me, in the sense of working out who genuinely liked meโ€, says Stefan.

โ€œSo, Iโ€™m also open to meeting someone outside of Tinder again โ€“ in reality, you meet lots of people day to day too, not just on the digital pathโ€.

โ€œIโ€™m looking for someone that I can grow with, someone who meets my personality and can be a team player. I canโ€™t wait to get back on the market and absolutely smash 2020โ€, he adds.


In preparation for a new year of dates, Stefan has spent the end of 2019 transforming his appearance to make 2020 the year he finds love.

This included having his hair tattooed to improve his hairline and having a tooth replaced after he fractured his front tooth a few years ago.


โ€œHaving a missing tooth which was disguised by my brace was horrible, it really knocked my confidenceโ€, he says.

โ€œNow I have a new tooth thatโ€™s all screwed in and Iโ€™m really happy to see my smile back thanks to Pro Dental clinic in London. Before, Iโ€™d notice my tooth in every single picture but now Iโ€™m excited to see how the new tooth looks in photosโ€, he adds.


Just as well when youโ€™re modelling for big-name brands such as Versace and Ellesse.

โ€œThe hairline treatment at Skalp was a bit painful, but 100 per cent worth it, and I feel much more confident. Thanks to both treatments, I feel like a new man!โ€, he finishes.

New man, new year โ€“ new woman?!