Tinder’s Most Swiped Right Man Shares The Secrets Behind His Success

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Published 02.08.19

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin is the most right-swiped man on Tinder, so you’d have thought heading his advice would make some sense.

At the time of writing, I’ve actually not seen a picture of this guy yet. I’m assuming he’s going to be dangerously hot and all of his advice will just fade into obscurity because the real takeaway is going to be “be handsome”.

Right then, let’s have a look at him.


tinder most liked man advice

Yeah he’s a handsome chap. Not quite what I was expected from the most right-swiped man on Tinder, but I’m hardly surprised he’s popular. Let’s hear him out.

Speaking to The Sun, Tomlin shared all sorts of advice, such as when the best time to swipe is; apparently 2PM on a Sunday. He explained:

Because everyone is so hungover, feeling a bit sorry for themselves and literally everyone is indoors on their phone – especially in the winter.

People are also trying to plan their week with dates in the future.”


This also goes for 10:30PM on weekday nights. People are “too embarrassed” to risk being seen swiping during the day and “they’re also scrolling through Instagram right before bed, they’re gonna have a cheeky look at Tinder too.”

As for your pictures, you want your first one to have a brightly coloured background to make it “pop”. That will get your profile noticed and could give you the edge you need.


Furthermore, you want to be doing something different in each picture, making sure to use as few selfies as possible make sure to include a “sexy” holiday snap.

Last but not least, you need to make jokes. Be a laugh. Dating is supposed to be fun and if you go in too serious, you’ll put people off.

It seems like pretty obvious advice, but I guess most good advice is.


But also yeah, be handsome.

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