Tired Tesco Employee Has Meltdown In Hilarious Rant About Needy Customers

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Published 27.09.19

This exhausted Tesco worker was not looking forward to her next shift, and her hilarious video proves that.

You have to hold out a certain amount of sympathy for people who work in the service industry, don’t you?

Of course there’s some who love their jobs, but for others who have to deal with people with no manners, it must get very draining.


I was a barman/waiter before all of this and on the whole – except for the awful regulars who seemed to think they ran the place – people were pretty nice, but of course there were people who made you question your legal obligation not to kill.

Jade Pinner, 19, from Basildon, Essex, is one of the people who was seemingly overcome with the unpleasant elements of her job in Tesco, as she took to TikTok to share her woes…


Girls, I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve had no sleep. And I’m working till ten tonight.

An absolutely huge scream that I imagine her neighbours heard followed, before things took a dark turn and she exclaimed:

I feel like killing myself.

Pinner then acts out an exchange between her and a customer, adding:

Hello, yes I can show you where this! Aisle 22. Why don’t you look at what it says on f*cking board instead of asking me what aisle butter is in!


She then literally spits onto her own floor, before throwing a few punches in the air in front of her.

I lied when I said the video was hilarious; it’s scary and I’m scared.

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Looks like I’ve got a little willy

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You know, I go to Tesco sometimes and every now and then the boards don’t explain things well enough. If I were running a supermarket, I’d put the chutneys next to the jams, but for some reason Tesco don’t, and I have to trudge around trying to work out where the chutneys are. Are they a preserve? What even is a preserve? And what the f*ck are they doing next to the horseradish and gravy?


Absolutely inexcusable and you know what? Maybe I do want to ask where some things are sometimes.

I can’t wait for the next video where a pilot’s pissed off at me because I haven’t sprouted wings and f*cked off the Spain on my own.

Twitter loved her though!


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