Toby Carvery Now Do Online Deliveries So You Can Get A Roast To Your Front Door

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 08.11.19

Toby Carvery now do online deliveries so you can get a roast dinner delivered to your house, saving you that Sunday hassle of… cooking.

Look, it’s an unpopular boat to be in, but I’m really not a fan of a roast dinner. They don’t do it for me at all, I’m afraid. Not one bit.

I’m a firm believer that no matter how you cook beef, even if it is apparently to “perfection”, it still tastes and feels dry. The potatoes are pretty hit and miss as they’re often not crispy enough, the veg is a write-off, only there to keep up appearances, Yorkshire puddings are alright and then everything ends up tasting like the gravy anyway.

Weirdly, I do like a Christmas Dinner. What’s that all about?

roast dinner

Anyway, if you’re a fan of roast dinners but you’re not into cooking them, you’ll be pleased to know that Toby Carvery are introducing deliveries, via the only delivery app that only weirdos use, Just Eat.

Though there are 158 Toby Carverys around, only 62 of them offer the delivery service where you can order a roast, meat-free carvery and a range of puddings, including chocolate fudge cake and apple, blackberry and redcurrent crumble.

toby carvery just eat

I legitimately have no idea what a redcurrent tastes like. I think I’ve eaten one, but no clue whether it’s sweet or sour. Get up in the comments with the answer to that one.

A standard meal will set you back £7.29, with you having four meat options (turkey, lamb, beef, pork), teamed with potatoes, carrots, peas, seasonal veg, a Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Lovely.

toby carvery delivery breakfast

Obviously the only reason you’d eat at Toby Carvery is so you can keep going back to the buffet section and get as much veg as you like and obviously that’s not an option with deliveries, but you have to option to add various sides, like loaded roast potatoes or mini pigs in blankets for £2.79.

Can pigs in blankets get any more mini?

There’s also a £4.89 breakfast that includes two sausages, two rashers of bacon, a fried egg, cheese and onion hash, mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown and tomatoes, or if sandwiches and wraps are more your bag, then they cost between £4.49 and £4.99.

Get on Just Eat and see what’s good.

Images via Toby Carvery, Getty