Move over Jason Derulo, Tom Felton is here to take the title of TikTok King, after he’s joined the #DracoTok community in full force.

First of all he stunned (and mortified) fans by posting reactions to their Draco themed videos – which were usually on the thirst trap side of things.

He’s raised the game even more now by setting fans a challenge, to do their best impression of him.

Tom posted a compilation of the different times he sneered “Potter” in the series, but notes he mostly said it as “Pottah!”.

Throwing down the gauntlet, the actor said: “Ladies and gentleman, muggles, witches and wizards, here you are and welcome to Draco-Tok. We are going to take you on right now, and find out once and for all who is the best in the world at saying the word — ” followed by the clips of him Potter-ing all over the place.


Give me your best shot, muggles! Use the hashtags #pottahchallenge and #dracotok for a chance to duet

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

He then told fans to use the hashtags #PottahChallenge and #DracoTok so that he could see the attempts.

Draco – sorry, Tom – wants to see your best rendition of “Pottah!” and has posted some duets of him reacting to some of the entries so far.

First up is this adorable attempt.

The second duet Tom shared features popular TikTok creator Kris, @kallmekris doing her best impression.

The #pottahchallenge tag currently has more than 62 million views.

At least he can laugh at himself.

Image via Alamy