Tom Holland Is In Talks To Join ‘Venom 2’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 28.12.19

Tom Holland could be teaming up (or fighting) Venom in the upcoming Venom 2 as he has apparently entered the early stages of talks.

Being that Venom is a Sony property and for now, Tom Holland’s spidery man is a joint venture between Sony and Disney, the likelihood of the young man appearing in Venom wasn’t all that high.

Trouble was brewing though, as Sony and Disney went through a difficult breakup and Spider-Man was the unlucky child caught in the middle of it. For a while it seemed as though Sony won custody, but things were soon resolved, with Tom Holland remaining in the MCU for the time being.


With that, people began to wonder whether he might slowly be integrated into the Venom universe, since after three more Disney films, Spider-Man goes back to Sony.

By all accounts, Kevin Feige – head of Marvel Studios – didn’t want this to happen, hoping that Venom would stay put in his own universe away from the MCU, but now it looks like things are going the other way.

With Venom 2 in production, Daniel Richtman – who has previous with unearthing juicy film gos – says that Tom Holland is in the early stages of talks to join the film.


More than likely, if the British actor did show his face in the film, it would be as a small cameo leading to the bigger role in a third film. This is mostly because in terms of film production, him appearing would come quite late in the day at this point, meaning there wouldn’t be enough time to build a story around him.

But what what Spider-Man’s story be in Venom? I have an idea…

Tom Hardy’s Brock is made to move to New York for cancer treatment – something he has in the comics. When there, he does his thing of eating bad guys, before he’s stopped by Spider-Man and the two fight. Spider-Man sort-of wins and the Venom symbiote is instantly seduced by his power and non-cancer-ridden body.


Brock hears Venom think this as the symbiote detaches from his and follows Peter. Distraught, Brock goes back to hospital for treatment and falls into depression. Meanwhile, black suit Spider-Man is a dick. He’s still fighting crime but he’s mean to everyone and a lot more brutal.

Eventually, against the odds, Eddie Brock recovers, and immediately goes to the gym and takes fighting classes so he can beat Spider-Man. One day he tracks him down as Peter’s fighting criminals. Just as Spider-Man’s about to kill a criminal, he realises what he’s doing and stops. Terrified of who he’s become, he rips his suit off, with the symbiote sensing Brock and returning to him.

Eddie sees Peter’s face, Peter runs off and they later fight properly. Now both Brock and Venom know who Spider-Man is and they both hate him.


I doubt that will happen though.

When is Venom 2 out?

As I mentioned earlier, the second Venom film is due to be released this time next year, in October 2020, directed by Andy Serkis so I fully expect that to be better than the first instalment.

Serkis has worked under some pretty great directors, such as Peter Jackson and Matt Reeves, and he directed Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle which wasn’t only good, but far better than the Disney live-action version.


The first thing he needs to do with Venom is burn that fucking wig that they gave to Woody Harrelson and it’s already a far better film than its predecessor.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Venom 2 has added a second villain to its roster, and that’s yet another symbiote baddie in the form of Shriek, one of the many 90s knockoff Venoms, but this one’s a lady and likes to team up with the psychopathic murderer Carnage.

How fun.

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