Tom Holland Reportedly Played A Huge Role In Keeping Spider-Man In The MCU

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 03.10.19

Spider-Man staying in the MCU is apparently down to Tom Holland’s great work, and we should all thank him for that.

First and foremost, I want to make it abundantly clear that I’m not happy with Disney seemingly owning the rights to ever character put to film.

In a very real way they’re killing cinema, but also it’s hardly like Sony are a small company and when it comes to Marvel characters, it only makes sense for them to all be under one conglomerate.


Is Spider-Man staying in the MCU?

Over a month ago now, the bombshell was dropped that Spider-Man was to leave the MCU and rejoin whatever Sony was doing with the likes of Venom, Kraven the Hunter, Morbius the Living Vampire and more. This was collectively seen as bad news as since Spider-Man 2 15 years ago, Sony hadn’t made a superhero film worth watching that wasn’t completely left of field like the brilliant Into the Spider-Verse.

spider-man back thanks holland

It also made no sense, since Tom Holland was reportedly set to stay in the role of Peter Parker, despite being pulled from the MCU. His character’s arc would have made literally no sense without the likes of Iron Man and the whole Infinity War/Endgame having impacted on his life, and it would have been especially jarring to see him thrown in against Tom Hardy’s Venom apropos of nothing.


Will Tom Holland be the next Spider-Man?

Yes, and with all of that in mind, it’s lovely news that Disney and Sony came to an agreement last week that saw Spider-Man stay in the MCU for at least one more solo film and one more team-up.

The surprise announcement was made little under a week ago and apparently we have Tom Holland himself to thanks for it.


The 23-year-old actor, as The Hollywood Reporter have it, worked tirelessly to bring Sony’s Tom Rothman and Disney’s Bob Iger back to the negotiating table.

After Holland made an appearance onstage at D23, he told his fans “I love you 3000″, which led to them creating the hashtag #SaveSpiderMan.


It would have been the public outcry and Holland’s work bringing both stubborn CEOs back together that changed the tide, and it’s thanks to both of those factors that we get to see some sort of resolution for the massive cliffhanger we got at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Nice one, Tom.

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