Tom Holland Wants To Do A Spider-Man-Love Island Special

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Published 28.06.19

Tom Holland would love to take part in a ‘Spider-Man’-‘Love Island’ special.

The 23-year-old actor stars as the superhero in new move ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and he would love to bring his character into the ITV2 dating show’s villa, because he is such a big fan of the programme.

He said: “What can only be binge watched with your BFF? ‘Love Island’.

“Can you imagine if we did a ‘Spider-Man’-‘Love Island’ special, where we’re on the island and in the villa all together.”

Tom often looks back fondly on last summer, partly because he was enjoying watching ‘Love Island’ so much, and also because England’s football team were progressing well in the World Cup until they came unstuck to Croatia at the semi-final stage.

Speaking in a video on The Hook, he added: “I think the summer of 2018 was the greatest summer of all time.

“Football was coming home for a long time and then it didn’t. ‘Love Island’ was on.”

But Tom isn’t the only superhero actor who is a fan of ‘Love Island’.

Last year, Margot Robbie – who plays Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’ – admitted she loves the programme, and was even surprised to find out the Islanders knew who she was.

She said at the time: “The other night we were watching and I think it was Alex who said that, and we all lost it.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, they know who I am on ‘Love Island’.’ “

But she didn’t see the similarities between herself and Megan Barton-Hanson.

She said: “I personally don’t see the resemblance.


“We’d just finished drinking beer and eating crisps and saying, ‘We’re so disgusting we could never be on ‘Love Island’, we’re such fatties, they would never let us on.’

“They all have some amazing bodies and they are so gorgeous and are always so done up and looking incredible, and then they said [I look like Megan] and we were like, ‘Oh my God.’ “

How about that Spider-Man Love Island special?

Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man: Far From Home certainly wants to see it. As do we.