Tommy Robinson Had A Milkshake Thrown At Him And The Responses Are Hilarious

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 03.05.19

Hahahaha Tommy Robinson had another milkshake thrown at him.

That’s the second time Tommy Robinson has had a milkshake thrown at him in as many days, and it’s brilliant fun. The man is trying to get a seat in the European Parliament, for God’s sake. A couple of milkshakes in the face is the least he deserves.


He’s a dangerous man and one person he was talking to for what looks to be some kind of interview knew this, promptly emptying his McDonald’s cup over his face; the best advert they could hope for.

Weird how a man who’s trying to get into the European Parliament immediately goes for the jabs to the gut. Very statesmanlike.


Anyway, here’s the best responses…

*Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is Robinson’s real name.



I hope milkshake guy’s doing alright. I’m a big fan of milkshake guy.

The hero we need, not the hero we deserve. He’s the opposite of Batman.

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