Top 10 Most Iconic British Shows We’ll Never Get Tired Of Watching

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in Entertainment, TV
Published 08.08.19

There are many things that make me feel proud to be British – but Gemma Collins crying over her ‘frazzled’ hair extensions on national television has got to be one of them. 

I am a lover of great TV, and one of the best things about being British is that we have plenty of it. From awkward confrontations and badly baked cakes, to Kim Woodburn calling her house mates ‘chicken livered sh*ts’, it’s fair to say there’s not much I haven’t seen that isn’t the epitome of what it is to be British.


As a special treat (and mostly for my own amusement) I have came up with the ultimate list. These are the top 10 most iconic British tv shows, and some of their most memorable moments:

1. Little Britain

Little Britain is living proof that we used to have a sense of humour. I mean, there is no doubt some of the sketches were (and are) offensive, but there is no harm in a good old Bacardi and Coke, ey Myfanwy? (I know you said that in Daffyd’s voice).

With three seasons between 2003 and 2005, it’s fair to say this sketch show, written by comedy partners Matt Lucas and David Walliams, was watched and adored by many people. However, while featuring on the day time chat show Loose Women back in 2017, Matt Lucas confirmed there would be no more seasons due to the nature of the programme being “too offensive”. 

As written on my CV, my hobbies include annoying my friends by randomly coming out with Marjorie’s famous phrase: ‘I just love the cake’.

2. The Inbetweeners

This British coming-of-age sitcom will go down in history of one of the best things ever written. I mean, you really can’t get a better idea of what it’s like to be British other than watching a group of lads in their teens fantasising about females, and willingly make fools of themselves in public.

It’s been eleven years since the first series hit our TV screens, and I can honestly say I have never heard a better insult than calling one of your friend’s dads a ‘bumder’. Oh, Will.

3. Skins

Ahhh, the ups and downs of British teens as they transform into young adults.


To be honest, it’s not often I’ll have a good cry at something, unless someone has once again eaten the snacks I hid in the fridge (despite being clearly labelled with my name in angry looking capital letters). Having said that, this show (mainly Effy) really pulled on my heart strings.

I will never have a bad word to say about it.

4. Peep Show

Peep Show has been ‘giving me life’ since the year 2003, and it’s safe to say each series has been filled with life long, memorable moments.

Mark and Jez are the perfect example of friendships that definitely shouldn’t work, but really do. A bit like pineapple and pizza.

I’d say this unusual duo bring out the wonderful weirdness in each other. And what isn’t lovely about that?

5. Dr Who

You knew this was coming. Surely.

Honestly, David Tennant and Billie Piper played their roles in Dr Who so well that they will always be known as ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Rose’. This is non negotiable.


I am a die hard fan of this legendary sci-fi programme. I mean, I’ve been to the Dr Who museum and everything, plus I’m pretty sure I have a Cyber Man in the garage somewhere. *shrugs*

6. Friday Night Dinner

This hilarious, British sitcom is literally the definition of family relatable humour.

Since the series aired, not only has Jim became a pop-culture icon, but now every time something goes wrong, Brits can’t help themselves but say “sh*t on it!”

Oh, and considering the fact that Simon Bird stars in it playing pretty much the same character as ‘Will’ from The Inbetweeners, it’s no surprie the show is such a hit.

7. The Great British Bake Off

There’s nothing better than watching a group of people have their baking skills rated and slated.



In all honesty though, I can just about bake a Victoria sponge with the help of my mother measuring the ingredients for me, whisking it all together – and then letting me decorate it.

Thanks to Liam’s excellent baking skills and even better facial expressions, he managed to secure himself his own cooking show with Channel 4 after his time on The Bake Off. Now that’s a success story we are all proud of.

8. Downton Abbey

I could not put this in really – every mum in the country would have my guts for garters!

The period drama to end all period dramas is even being turned into a film.

If they ruin this one I swear I’m done with Hollywood.

9. Gavin And Stacey

Alright Stace?

No matter what mood I’m in, I can always rely on the soothing sound of Nessa to perk me right up. She could be talking about photosynthesis and it would still sound like the most interesting thing ever.


I must say though, if I don’t find out in the Christmas special what happened on that damn fishing trip, I will most certainly not be happy. I’ve waited years for such vital information.

10. Sherlock

Name me a more iconic duo than Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Holmes and Watson you say? Nah, never heard of them!

In all honesty Sherlock is just about the most quintessentially British TV shows out there – yes, even more so than Antiques Roadshow – which sadly I’m putting at number 11 on this list.

But I guess you’ll never see that.