The spooky season is officially here and luckily for you horror fans out there, I have came up with the ultimate list of scary films which are perfect to binge watch this Halloween.

I usually spend my Halloween at one of those ‘scare fests’ where you pay to go through a variety of different mazes and rooms to be scared by people that dress up (in pretty good costumes may I add) as clowns, scarecrows and other various things. I mean, I do re call someone dressed up as a pig chasing me once, so there’s that.

However this year I’m definitely watching this list from start to finish.


What are the best horror films on Netflix this Halloween?

Netflix Horror films this Halloween: 1. In The Tall Grass

Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s 2012 novella, this is a brand new addition to Netflix’s horror section and it looks incredible. A boy cries for help amidst the tall grass to seek the assistance of a brother and sister passing by. Of course, they want to help, but little do they know this is far from any ordinary stretch of field…

2. Hell Fest

This 2018 American slasher film follows a group of thrill-seeking teens to a hell-themed amusement park for Halloween. Expecting a night of fun and spooky rides, it isn’t long before they realise this masked stalker isn’t part of the show. I probably wouldn’t watch this alone…

3.  Head Count

A group of college kids head off to the desert for a weekend get away. Seems innocent enough right? Yeah, that’s until they accidentally become a part of a terrifying ritual after summoning a supernatural entity that isn’t to be messed with. Yep, this one is totally going to petrify me.


4.  Happy Death Day

Imagine waking up on your birthday knowing you’re going to die by a creepy masked killer. I mean, that would definitely ruin the entire day for sure. In this mysterious slasher film, a student named Tree Gelbman re lives her murder over and over again until she figures out who killed her. I’m already hooked.

5. Jeepers Creepers 3

This is a brilliant saga everyone needs to see this Halloween. Every 23 years a creature known as the Creeper returns for a gruesome killing spree, but this time people are ready to stop him. Will anyone survive the demons craving for humans? I really hope they do. *shudders*

Netflix Horror films this Halloween: 6. Bedeviled

In this 2016 American horror film, five teenagers download a mysterious app called Mr,Bedevil that uses their darkest fears against them. Though a traumatic experience for each of them, they’ll have to learn to give up on their fears and over come them.

7.  Insidious Chapter 2

As a sequel to 2010’s well loved Insidious, this 2013 film is a follow up of the horrifying events that happened to the son of the Lamberts. In order for the family to move on with their lives for good, Josh Lambert must defeat the malevolent forces that possess him too. But first, he must re live his terrifying past.


8.  Funhouse Massacre

On Halloween night, a fun house is opening and crowds of unsuspecting people are about to come face to face with six of the United States most notorious serial killers that escaped from an asylum. Will it really be all fun and games? Or will people wish they had just  stayed at home…

9. 1922

Based on the 2010 novella by Stephen King, a farmer living in the year 1922 is ready to murder his wife for financial gain and convinces his son to assist him. Chilling, tense, and uncomfortable to watch – it soon becomes clear some secrets can’t stay hidden forever…

10.  Would You Rather

After eight vulnerable people are lured and trapped in a sadistic mans mansion, they are forced to play a deadly game of “Would You Rather”. Both dark and gripping, this film explores the lengths people will go to win a large chunk of money or to help a loved one. Sadly, not everyone will come out unharmed. This one I may actually have to watch with the lamp on, at least.


11. The Ritual

Four male friends head off to Sweden on a hiking trip after the sad loss of their friend. All it takes is one wrong turn for hell to break loose (a bit like when I failed my driving test). Supernatural and frightening, this just had to be on the list.

Netflix Horror films this Halloween: 12. Clown

When a devoted father realises he must dress up as a clown for his sons’ birthday, all turns very dark when his family fail to recognise him. Yes, a clown costume and a red nose really makes you look that different. I’d say don’t watch this if you have a fear of clowns but heck, its Halloween!

13. The Strangers Prey At Night

When a road trip becomes a family’s worst nightmare, the most important thing is that they stick together, right? You just don’t know what strangers will be preying on you when you’re all alone… This American slasher film will make you want to stay away from deserted mobile home parks, for sure.


14. He’s Out There

What was meant to be a lovely vacation for a couple and their two daughters at a remote lake house, quickly turns into a fight for survival as a masked psychotic killer is hungry for blood. This takes the scare factor up to level 100.

15. Cabin Fever

A group of students fall victim to a deadly virus after staying in a rented cabin in the woods. If that isn’t their biggest problem, there’s also a few creepy locals seeking revenge.

If these don’t get you in the mood for Halloween, I don’t know what will!