Transferring Money To Your Friends With Rude Or Explicit Captions Can Hurt A Home Loan Application

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Published 03.10.19

Sending money to your friends with rude captions can actually harm your chances of getting a home loan application

I do this all the time to my girlfriend.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time I sent her money and did use a rude/explicit transaction caption. For instance, if I owe her money for a food shop, I’ll send it the cash  with a reference of ‘purple dildo’, or if I’m splitting the bill with her at a restaurant, I’ll send my half over to her with the caption ‘weed money’.


It’s a small joke that gives an even smaller pleasure, and it seems I’m not the only one who finds joy in doing it.

Apparently, a lot of young first-home hopefuls are doing the exact same thing, describing the funds they transfer on their banking apps as for sexual services or illicit drugs.

home loand affected by rude captions

But stop! Immediately! It could cause huge delays to your mortgage applications!

Reports by Domain say that although it’s clearly intended as light-hearted humour between close friends, nervous bankers examining home loan applicants’ transaction records are querying the apparent expenses.

Chris Foster-Ramsay, principal finance broker at Foster Ramsay Finance, has told the property site you should probably stop using jokey labels to send money.


“If that person happens to be in the property market at that time, the bank’s going, ‘Hang on, what’s this?’ Particularly if there’s $50 here or $50 there,” he said.

“[Banks ask,] ‘Is it adult entertainment?’… If that happens over a period of time, the bank is picking up on it. Bank statements are a legal document. You have to be semi-serious about it. As fun as it may be, it’s not advisable to be creative in the transfer text.”

He says the issue is most common for Millennial borrowers (so me then), using the example of a buyer who regularly frequents the pub with his mates and buys the whole establishment a bev.

“And the bank said, ‘We think you’ve got a problem’,” he said.

“Bank statements are a legal document,” he added. “You have to be semi-serious about it. As fun as it may be, it’s not advisable to be creative in the transfer text.”

In fact, borrowers expenses in general are under scrutiny, with lenders hesitatant to offer credit to someone who may struggle to pay it back.


Overuse of Uber and Uber Eats has been cited as a reason to knock back mortgage applicants, with banks also wary of other debts, gambling habits, and subscription services such as Netflix!

I knew there was going to be a greater cost to all these subscriptions I’m forking out for every month. Not that it really matters as I live in London and there’s no way I could afford my own place. Jokes on them.

However, it seems as though using such label won’t entirely stop you from getting a bank loan, rather, it will just delay the process.

40Forty Finance director Will Unkles also told Domain: “I’ve seen everything [on bank statements], from things that are pretty outlandish, to things that are ‘dinner’.

“It is something that’s going to hold up the process but it’s not something that’s going to mean you won’t get a home loan.”

All this is telling me that I really should stop doing it, but given the fact I’ll likely never buy my own place, I probably won’t.

Nope, my girlfriend’s transaction history will continue to be filled with ‘coke binge’, ‘strip clubs’ and ‘bjs’

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

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