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This Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3 Turns To Sofa When Not In Use


There's no need to thank us; that's why we're here. And today, we're going to show you something quite different: an ingenious transforming bunk bed that sleeps for 3converts into a bunk bed in no time! This elegant couch, which was designed and manufactured in Italy, can be changed into three separate beds!

Can The Top Bunk Fall?

Bunk beds are completely secure. They're designed with the upper mattresses and frames being slightly larger than the lower ones. It will become trapped if the higher collapses.

Grey colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3 in a small room
Grey colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3 in a small room

Each of the three mattresses is concealed and incorporated into the couch's revolutionary design. The sofa cushion is made from one twin mattress, the back of the couch is made from another, and the third bed glides below.

The two bottom beds can also be merged to create a large queen-sized bed!

In less than five minutes, the entire sofa can be turned into three beds and vice versa, saving you a tremendous amount of room and time with very little effort.

Grey colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3
Grey colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3

Simply raise the seat base, and the entire system will rise. You can sleep on the top or bottom bed after locking it in place with the built-in ladder and opening the support guards. A very practical and user-friendly design. The entire 'transforming bunk bed that sleeps for 3' couch can be converted into a bunk bed sleeper in less than a minute.

Each unit is manufactured to order and arrives virtually completely assembled! There will be no more bunk bed sofa IKEA-style assembly lunacy. The majority of the assembly consists of simply attaching the rail and ladder.

Red-colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3 with green pillowcases
Red-colored Transforming Bunk Bed That Sleeps For 3 with green pillowcases

The triple twin bed set is available in a range of hues, including red, teal, pink, and purple, to complement your existing décor.

Despite the fact that it is still relatively new to the market, this intelligently built, the space-saving sofa has already received wonderful reviews! Richard B., a customer, decided to take the risk and buy the made-to-order bunk bed sofa.

“We liked the concept of a sofa bunk bed so we took a chance. We ordered an Italian-built product from a Canadian company 3000 miles from home. Crazy like a fox! The sofa is great. Expand communicated completely with us and saw to our needs, and the sofa bunk bed is amazing. Their delivery people were top-notch. If our experience is typical, you can't go wrong.”

Italian Sofa Bunk Bed With 3 Hidden Single Beds


That's a lot of compliments! If you're still not convinced, Expand Furniture, the business that makes the 'transforming bunk bed that sleeps for 3' couch also gives a 5-year warranty on all hardware!

The cushions on this space-saving bunk bed/sofa combo are excellent and firm, as they were designed for the Italian market.

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