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Tried To Drive Around The Traffic Using A Turn Lane - Driving Fails


A video on Reddit with 15.4K upvotes with the title "tried to drive around the traffic using a turn lane" is now going viral. In the video, a person uses the turning lane as a passing lane and then crashed miserably into a truck.

The "tried to drive around the traffic using a turn lane" Reddit videois provided above.

You can also check out some of the Reddit comments below.

WillyC277 said, "Given how quickly they slowed down they probably won't wanna be alive when the adrenaline wears off. That was incredibly violent, especially considering how the car basically ended up stuck in place after hitting the ambulance. Usually cars keep going for a while after a collision and some of that energy is spread out, not here."

Reddit user said, "I was first on scene on a t-bone on my way home from work. Watched the lady go straight through the red light and into the side of the other car. I checked on the victim, then the lady’s kids. She kept yelling like she was the one who should be getting attention. I’m just a passerby lady, you can fucking wait until someone else gets here because you’re my last concern right now.

ihavedognamedquill said, "I've seen this a couple of times where a pedestrian car hits an ambulance. But like.. what happens? Normal accidents you exchange information and go through insurance and all that. Does anyone know what the protocol is for hitting an ambulance? Are they fined? Jail time??"

Traffic is all about rules and these rules are designed for the safety of the people. To avoid some harsh accidents, some serious injuries, and big losses. But some idiots think these rules are stupid, like the one mentioned above.

You must understand these accidents are not any kind of joke. You should be careful about your actions, otherwise, your bones and money will pay for that loss.

Keep reading to avoid these situations.

One car on a left side of road; a lot of cars on the right side of road
One car on a left side of road; a lot of cars on the right side of road

Getting stuck in the traffic plus a snail-pace car in front of you can get any driver a hundred percent frustrated and irritated.

When this annoying situation happens, your mind thinks of stupid ways to get away from traffic jams.

One of the stupid ways you can think of is to use the turning lane as a passing lane.

Aerial view of cars driving on roads
Aerial view of cars driving on roads

Is It Illegal To Use Turning Lane As A Passing Lane?

Turn lanes should only be used when you are turning or merging into traffic. When merging, you are only allowed to use the turn lane for a maximum of 200 feet.

On the other hand, some will try to use a turn lane to get around heavy traffic even when they have no intention of really making a turn.

This strategy violates numerous laws and puts you in a very precarious position.

If you utilize a turn lane for something other than what it was designed for, you put yourself at risk of being involved in an accident, impeding traffic, receiving a ticket, and even suffering serious injuries or even death.

Causing A Delay In Traffic

If they are located near several stores or driveways, many turn lanes, particularly in urban areas, can serve as left-turn lanes as well as right-turn lanes.

Consequently, if you ride in the turn lane, you run the risk of blocking other vehicles from using their lane to turn.

Turn lanes are another popular route that emergency vehicles use to go around traffic when it is necessary to do so.

If you become immobilized while riding it and are unable or unwilling to make a turn, you may be obstructing the path of a vehicle that is responding to an emergency.

Citations For Traffic Violations Or Possible Prosecution

If you ride in the turn lane to avoid traffic, obstruct traffic in any way, or are caught preventing ambulances or police from using the turn lane properly, you can be issued a ticket and even sent to jail if your actions cause an emergency vehicle to be significantly delayed in providing medical care to a patient.


If you use the turn lane in an unsafe manner, you run the risk of confusing other drivers and leading them to make one of three potentially dangerous assumptions. They may assume that you are turning, which could lead to a collision; they may purposefully deny you access to the lane you want to merge into, which could lead to road rage and an increased risk of collision; or you may block their vision, which ultimately raises the likelihood of an accident occurring.

When you are stuck in traffic and see an open turn lane, don't take advantage of it. There will be serious consequences if you do.

It is not worth the risk to ride it up to the intersection, even though it might seem like a smart idea at the time, because someone is bound to let you cross the street.

Not only could you cause terrible harm to yourself and your family, but you also ran the risk of causing a fatal injury to another person or preventing an ambulance from rescuing the life of someone you might know.

For better understanding, I have compiled some rules so that you can avoid these situations.

A car accident between a grey car and a black car on the road
A car accident between a grey car and a black car on the road

Traffic Rules And Regulations

Two-Way Left Turn Lane Rules

Vehicles traveling in either direction can turn left using the same lane if it is designed to accommodate both directions.

To turn left, vehicles coming from both directions must use the middle lane.

When entering the shared turn lane, it is acceptable to cross the solid yellow line that is painted on the road.

Enter just the turning lane that is immediately adjacent to the location where you will be turning.

Left Turn Lane Control Rule

The permissible or illegal usage of a road is denoted by the control signs along that road.

This subclass comprises signs that pertain to the regulation of speeds, turns, directions, of vehicles, passing, usage of traffic lanes, vehicle weights and dimensions, parking, pedestrians, and other users of the road.

Can You Use The Center Turn Lane To Merge?

Yes, you can. To lawfully exit or enter a route, drivers moving in either direction on that roadway are permitted to utilize the center turn lane as their point of access.

People Also Ask

What Is The Violation Of A Driver Overtaking At An Intersection Having One Lane Direction?

Illegal overtaking is a violation that a driver does in overtaking at an intersection having one lane direction. It is defined as a failure to pass to the left when passing another person or a vehicle traveling in the same direction unless there are two or more lanes for the movement of traffic in one direction.

What Lane Is Used For Turning?

The Left lane is used for turning. You should begin the turn in the lane on the left that is closest to the middle of the road. You can finish the turn in any lane of the cross street if it is safe to do so (shown by the arrows).

What Should You Do If You Want To Turn Around On A Roadway?

If you have no choice but to make a U-turn, do so in an empty parking lot, driveway, or any other space. If at all feasible, join the roadway when moving ahead rather than while backing up.


Reddit video "tried to drive around the traffic using a turn lane" is a result of reckless driving. Don't drive if you cannot discipline yourself on the road!

Have you heard about why Baltimore has such high car insurance rates?

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