Donald Trump has always made headlines with his interesting use of the English language.

Now he’s at it again, defending Rudy Giuliani. His former attorney’s home was raided by the FBI.

According to Trump, this is ‘like, so unfair’.

He was speaking on Fox Business this morning to complain about the dawn raids.

Giuliani’s New York apartment and office were searched, early on Wednesday morning.

Trump regularly makes phone-in appearances with Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria.
He referred to Giuliani as a ‘great patriot’.

“It’s, Like, So Unfair”

Talking about the raid, he said:  ‘It’s, like, so unfair and it’s such a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before… It’s very, very unfair. Rudy is a patriot who loves this country, and I don’t know what they’re looking for or what they’re doing.’
Trump also said, ‘It is so terrible when you see the things going on in our country with the corruption and the problems and then they go after Rudy Giuliani. It’s very sad, actually.’

Giuliani’s addresses were raided as part of an ongoing investigation.

According to search warrants, the investigation is looking into whether he illegally lobbied Trump and his administration on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs.

“Extraordinary Action”

FBI investigators also confiscated electronic devices.

The New York Times is calling it an ‘extraordinary action’ against the lawyer and ‘America’s mayor’.

The Daily Beast reports that the Trump administration had previously blocked a search warrant application. It was made by the FBI to raid Giuliani’s apartment.
Giuliani’s son Andrew spoke to the media after the raid, and tried to draw attention to Hunter Biden.
He said the only ‘incriminating evidence’ in the investigation ‘belongs to the current president’s son’.

Giuliani has denied any wrongdoing.

He has released a statement calling the investigation a ‘corrupt double standard’. He is also accusing the Justice Department of ignoring ‘blatant crimes’ by Democrats.

His lawyer, Bob Costello, said investigators were ‘running rough shod over the constitutional rights of anyone involved in, or legally defending, former President Donald J. Trump’, per the New York Post.

Running For President

In what will be a surprise to nobody, Trump has confirmed he is “100%” thinking of running for President again in 2024.

He’s also suggested he might have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate.

Maria asked Trump: “Are you thinking about running again, Mr. President, in 2024?”

Without hesitation, Trump responded: “Yes, 100 percent.”

He added: “And the polls show that everybody wants me to do it. One hundred percent I’m thinking about running and we will, I think, be very successful.”

It was then when Trump was asked about a potential running mate.

Maria asked if he’s thinking of DeSantis for the job.

Trump replied: “Well he’s a friend of mine. I endorsed Ron and after I endorsed him he took off as a rocket ship, he’s done a great job as governor.

A lot of people like that – you know, I’m just saying what I read and what you read – they love that ticket. But certainly, Ron would be considered, he’s a great guy.”


We’ll have to wait until next year to find out Trump’s plans for definite.

Earlier this week he appeared on The Dan Bongino show and said he will announce if he is running for president again after the 2022 midterm races.

He said: “So I’m giving it very serious consideration.”

Of the polls, he said: “Nobody’s seen anything more positive.”

He went on: “If you do it, I think probably the most appropriate time would be right after the ’22 election, that’s my opinion. Could do it sooner, but I think right after the election would be good, especially if you have a good election.

“Now I’m not sure if you didn’t have a good election, I’m not sure that that wouldn’t be good also, if you want to know the truth.”

Trump claimed he was “all in” on behalf of Republican candidates in next year’s midterm elections, and later stated:

“I’ve got tremendous numbers … there is more popularity [for me] now than there was the day before the election. Because they see how bad things are at the border.

“They see what is going on, they see that their guns are gonna be gone … their taxes are going up. Regulations are going through the roof. Job [losses] are going to go up.

“So I say this: I am looking at it very seriously. Beyond seriously. From a legal standpoint, I don’t want to really talk about it yet. It’s a little too soon.”

Would you like to see Trump as president again?

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