Oh dear, another sticky situation for Rudy Giuliani.

First, there was the ‘gotcha’ moment in the new Borat movie that was rather awkward for Trump’s lawyer, then there was the whole Four Seasons fiasco (ICYMI: they said a conference would take place at the Four Seasons hotel. It instead happened outside a landscaping firm called Four Seasons. In the car park).

Now the former New York City Mayor is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons. The 76-year old was giving a press conference on Thursday about alleged electoral fraud at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington DC.

It appears they should invest in a few fans or air conditioning for future press conferences, as in a mortifying moment Giuliani was photographed with a trickle of what looks like dark dye running down his face.

One of their team off-screen could be heard commenting about the mishap, saying “Rudy’s hair dye is dripping down his face.”

Trump had been promoting the press conference to his Twitter followers, but did not attend himself.


Image via Alamy