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Youtuber Mr. Enter's Turning Red 911 Terrorist Attack Meme


The term "Turning Red 9/11 Debate" refers to a trending topic of conversation started by Mr. Enter's review of the 2022 animated film Turning Red on YouTube.

Despite being set in 2002, Mr. Enter contends in the review that the movie chooses not to acknowledge or address the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.

After a portion of the review was shared on Twitter, fans made memes linking Turning Red to 9/11 to make fun of the argument.

Mr Enter Turning Red 9/11 Debate Origin

TheMysteriousMrEnter (commonly known as Mr. Enter) posted a review of the Pixar animation Turning Red on April 14th, 2022.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/turning-red-911/ by Maxwell Canvas on 2022-10-06T09:15:23.991Z

Mr. Enter makes the claim in one section of the review that the movie, which is set in Toronto, Canada, in 2002, chooses not to acknowledge the effect of the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, on the sociopolitical climate in Western countries.

Over 68,000 people watched the film in just five days.

Turning Red is a mixed bag

Less than a year have passed since the September 11 terrorist events when this movie takes place. I bring this up because it significantly changed the culture at the time, which makes this movie seem especially out of touch with the times.

Even though the director was born and raised in the year 2002, it is the only literal explanation for why this film is specifically set in that year.

Yes, this movie is set in Canada and not the United States, but paranoia was rampant throughout the Western World at the time, including Canada, America, the UK, and much of Europe.

It served as the decade's central topic. I mean, I can see why you might not want everyone to be that terrified because that would go against the mood the movie is trying to create.

However, if you were genuinely there and if you do remember the time period, you then have very embarrassing situations.

Mr Enter Turning Red Meme Spread

A clip from the Mr. Enter interview was shared on the website by Twitter user @CocoaFox023 on April 15th, 2022. In four days, the post had nearly 8 million views, 5,500 retweets, and 84,400 likes.

Since April 15th, when @CocoaFox023's tweets started trending on Twitter, Mr. Enter's argument has been the focus of jokes and arguments. For instance, the message from Twitter user @lackingsaint garnered over 4,500 retweets and 57,500 likes in just four days.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was released in 2002, according to a message by Twitter user @fwong later that day. The tweet received over 9,000 retweets and 141,600 likes in just three days.

Turning Red 911 meme poster
Turning Red 911 meme poster

Memes and fan art referencing Mr. Enter's review were inspired by the conversation. On April 15, for example, @R8dn_ of Twitter made a doodle that linked 9/11 to Turning Red. It got more than 1,600 retweets and 13,600 likes.

Later that day, Twitter user @TheThingEver uploaded a meme that, in three days, received 205,000 likes and over 16,700 retweets.

People Also Ask

Why Is Turning Red Controversial?

One of the major criticisms of Turning Red was the scene in which Mei's mother, Ming, believed that Mei had started her period. Another controversy is related to the 911 incident.

Why Was Red Set In 2002?

To fully reflect the essence of the boy-band era, which existed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Turning Red is set around 2002.

Is Turning Red Set In 2002?

Yes, it is set in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario.


Youtuber Mr. Enter talked about the Turning Red 911 topic in a tweet on April 15, 2022, which got 1,700 quote tweets but only 590 likes.

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