Twitch Streamer’s Room Hasn’t Been Cleaned Since 2005

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in News, Weird
Published 04.06.19

Twitch streamer Jaeggermeister told Dexerto he hasn’t cleaned his room since 2005. Now he’s streaming the epic cleanup, all in the name of content.

I used to live with this guy, we’ll call him Theo, who was messy as hell. His room was so bad  I used to wonder if the first thing he did every morning was throw a tantrum and just chuck everything around. Our flat lost a lot of bottles of ketchup to that room, but neither me or my flatmates had the guts to go in there and try to find them, it was just easier, quicker and more pleasant to go to the shop and buy more ketchup.


I don’t know what Theo is up to nowadays, but I’d like to think that he’s happily married to a wife who doesn’t like condiments but finds it a massive turn on waking up with heaps of empty takeaway boxes next to her bed, because that’s what would make Theo happy.

Meet someone who hasn’t cleaned his room in 14 years

Twitch streamer Jaegerrmeister strikes me as someone who might relate to Theo. Speaking to Dexerto, he admitted it’s been quite some time since he cleaned his room.

“I moved into this house in like 2004, 2005, and I didn’t clean it. Now it’s this bad”

He even admitted to streamers that there were two trash bags full of urine in there. Lovely.

Here’s a section of his stream…

It’s not all bad though. He has, after all this time, decided that it’s time to clean his room, and is letting the internet watch him do it. What a guy, he knows what good content looks like, that’s for sure.


It’s work in progress

At the time of writing he’s currently on day two of his epic cleanup. Here’s little visual of how his room us looking…

I think it’s fair to say that he’s got a little way to go yet. He may not be the cleanest guy in the world, but Jaegerrmeister is very likeable. In his bio he says “come make fun of me” – he’s such a giver when you think about it.

The sad thing for me about all of this is that I’ve pretty much finished writing this article, which means that I’ve got other work to do and it’s time to check out of his stream, I was just starting to really enjoy it.


I just checked on our friend Jaegerrmeister and boy have we seen progress. Not only does it look like a friend has been helping him out, but I can see floor, and lots of it!

Twitch Streamer Cleans Room

That bed is actually looking pretty respectable.


What can I say, it’s been emotional…