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Twitter Blue Is Relaunching At Higher Price For Apple Users


With the return of Twitter Blue, users can now edit tweets and upload high-definition video in exchange for a monthly charge and a blue checkmark. However, Apple consumers will pay a higher price. Yes, Twitter blue is relaunching at higher price for Apple users.

The business estimates that the updated service will cost $8 per month for web purchases and $11 per month for apps on iPhones and iPads. In-app purchases are processed through the company's App Store, which typically assesses a 30% charge.

Twitter blue is relaunching at higher price for Apple users. The new pricing tiers come after Musk attacked Apple in an abrasive manner over the company's infamous "Apple tax," which has long been a source of frustration for app developers and a source of concern for regulators around the world who view the fee as excessive and financially damaging to Apple's competitors.

Early in November, as fraudulent accounts started to proliferate, Twitter initially launched Twitter Blue before stopping it. It was then planned to launch once more on November 29, but that date was postponed.

Elon Musk, who paid $44 billion to buy Twitter in November, enumerated his complaints about Apple in a series of tweets last month. One of those complaints was the 30% fee that Apple charges software developers for in-app purchases.

He then asserted that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its app store and claimed that the company had ceased running ads on the social media site.

He did, however, tweet that the confusion regarding Twitter being taken out of Apple's app store was cleared up following a subsequent discussion with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

A New Update

A color-coded system for individuals, businesses, and governments was announced by the company.

As Crawford stated in a tweet over the weekend, "a review step before attaching a blue checkmark to an account as one of our new procedures to combat impersonation" will be required in order to be "confirmed" going forward.

The corporation is doing a turnabout with this. The initial attempt by Twitter to include the blue checkmarks into the subscription program caused chaos. Many people abused the option to buy a "verification" and overloaded the website with phony accounts.

Advertisers, public figures, and even Elon Musk himself discovered that they were being impersonated. After barely two days, the billionaire was compelled to halt the service due to the commotion.

According to Musk, there will be three hues available for purchase: blue checks for famous people and celebrities, grey checks for governments, and gold checks for businesses.


Although there have been media allegations that the business was exploring ways to offset costs levied in the App Store, Twitter did not explain why Apple users were paying more than other users on the web.

On Saturday, December 10, Twitter said that Twitter blue is relaunching at higher price for Apple users.

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