Two giant cruise ships have collided in Mexico and the footage on social media is mind-blowing

I just hope they exchanged details.


Carnival cruise ship collision

The Carnival Glory ( a vessel 952ft long, btw) was “maneuvering to dock” in the Mexican port of Cozumel when it collided with another Carnival cruise ship, called Carnival Legend. Footage shot by cruise passengers – which is now storming social media –shows the stern of the Carnival Glory coming in sideways to the box of the Carnival Legend. The fact that it all happens unbelievably slowly, just makes the whole thing that extra bit cringe. I feel like this clip we’ll be a gif by tomorrow used to emphasise moments of self-destruction or bad days – I know that’s in poor taste, but that’s the internet in 2019.


Passenger footage is mind-blowing!

The collision smashed windows on the back of the Carnival Glory and caused a floor to collapse. The Carnival Legend essentially takes a slice out of the Glory with zero effort and debris from the Glory can be seen falling into the ocean from the moment of impact. Lots of official statements seem to be using choice words and phrases like “touched” and “made contact” to describe the collision. Nice PR touch, guys, but let’s face it, two giant ships don’t “touch”, they f*cking smash. It’s a wild watch.

Yeah, this is what happens when two ships “touch”, I guess. I can’t wait to read the full statement. I’m expecting them to totally romanticise the incident as just “two ships passing in the night“.


Was anyone injured?

Carnival Cruise Line is the world’s largest cruise line, so naturally this story has attracted a lot of attention. The cruise line is reportedly investigating the extent of the damage, but officials have confirmed that there are “no issues that impact the seaworthiness of either ship”. The cruise line confirmed that six passengers were treated for “minor injuries” as a result of the collision. No serious injuries have been reported, thankfully.


My parents love cruising more than me – I’ve been on a couple with them, so I get it – so I just hope they stay off Twitter for the next day or so, ’cause this might ruin Christmas for them. I think they’ve actually been on one of these ships at Christmas, come to think of it. Ah well, ship happens, I guess.

This tweet has made my day


I’m absolutely cringing for the captain of the Carnival Glory, ’cause there’s just no sugar-coating this on a CV is there?

I can’t really talk. My parallel parking skills are almost criminal.