Two-Hour Documentary On The House From ‘The Conjuring’ Left The Crew Feeling “Extremely Ill”

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film, TV
Published 29.10.19

The house from The Conjuring is the focal point of an upcoming ghost documentary and apparently the filming left the crew feeling “extremely ill” for a long while afterwards.

My general vibe for any “true” ghost story is to take it with an ocean’s worth of salt and I get the feeling that most other people feel that way too, but for some reason everyone and their mum seems to have one.

Having said that, I don’t have a ghost story and my mum’s one would probably be when I kept moving the mustard in the fridge to the bottom shelf to wind her up, but she started reading the label for a message. I felt quite bad when I told her it was me, eventually.


That story wouldn’t make a good film though, so I’ll stop talking about that and start talking about The Conjuring and how the adaptational attractiveness synonymous with Hollywood turned apparently true stories into one of the only successful cinematic universes going.

the conjuring real vs movie

Obviously it wasn’t just the good old fashioned sexing up of a story and cast of core characters that made The Conjuring franchise successful though, as the idea that they’re based on true stories is a surefire way to get people interested.


While The Conjuring 2 was based on the infamous Enfield Hauntings – which have been adapted to film and TV a number of times – the first Conjuring film is based on the haunting of Harrisville Farmhouse and the Perron family, who believed they were being haunted by ghosts, demons and more.


Though the film came out in 2013, it’s taken until now for a documentary crew to make a two hour exploration into the case that saw drownings, murders, suicides and more were befalling this particular family, with it then turning out that demonic possession, occultism and satanism “took place there”.

Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse has released its first look, with host Zak Bagans revealing that during the filming, not only did the crew see some truly disturbing things, but he began to feel genuinely ill during the production.

He told the Las Vegas Review Journal:

I had to sit down, dude. It was either run or sit, because I was going down. It was just weird energy. Not normal. Not like we’ve felt before.


Bagans went on, saying he suffered from dizziness, anxiety and agitation, along with difficulty breathing and kidney pain (sounds like he had cigarette withdrawals, to be honest (I’ve read (I don’t smoke))), before adding:

I was extremely ill, very sick, for about three weeks after that. I wasn’t myself, albeit I was on a long trip. There were things going on with me that just seemed out of the norm. It really, I believe, made me sick. I had anxiety and panic levels that were just so unusual. Just that feeling of sickness.


I didn’t look like myself. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t wanna be around anybody. I never felt possessed, but I felt like something was drawing the life out of me.”

Spooky stuff.

Again though, it seems like if Bagans came out saying “This was a breeze to film. We had a really good time with it and it’s just a nice house, really…” then not many people would watch the documentary.


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