There have been plenty of lockdown rule-breakers ratted out by the papers. For Dominic Cummings it was Barnard Castle, for Rita Ora it was a lavish London birthday party. For two Irish nuns, it was was an exorcism.

Mother Irene Gibson, of a group called the Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus and her colleague, Sister Anne Marie, from New Zealand, attended an exorcism of the Dáil in Dublin at the end of last year.

On December 8, when they travelled to the Irish capital, the government had banned inter-county travel.

They attended the exorcism and then went to a mass in Herbert Park in South Dublin. The event had 70 people in attendance, despite there being a legal limit of just 15.

The Dail is the Irish lower house of the Oireachtas, Ireland’s parliament – Ireland’s equivalent to the House of Commons.

Illegal mass

Fr. Giacomo Ballini held the illegal mass in Herbert Park, and he told attendees that ‘no human power can take away the right to say Mass.’

Fr. Giacomo Ballini is a member of the SSPX Resistance, a Covid-denying Catholic ‘Resistance’ group.

Holocaust denier Richard Williamson founded the controversial group.

In 2017, the Guardian reported that a Swedish journalist accused Williamson of harbouring clergy accused of sexual abuse in his ‘renegade’ SSPX order, which is headquartered in Kent in the UK.

‘Children of darkness’

In 2019, Mother Gibson received a conviction for breaching planning regulations in relation to the premises which she set up as a religious retreat in 2016.

Cork County Council soon ordered Mother Gibson and Sister Anne Marie to leave their West Cork retreat. But devoted followers have raised over €77,000 in crowdfunding to help them develop a new home.

Mother Gibson said she now has enough money to buy a new compound.

On the GoFundMe page, she wrote: “Praised be Jesus Christ! We have good news to share with you all!

“Your outstanding charity toward our needs has finally made it possible for us to purchase some property.

“How has this been possible when the children of darkness have done their utmost to try and crush us?

“By spreading lies on local West Cork newspapers, on social media, and filing complaints about our fundraising campaign to local authorities, they have tried to prevent you, our benefactors, from helping us achieve our goal.”

Sister Anne Marie adds: “Jesus has great things in store for us.”

Image via Alamy