Two Men Eat Raw Liver At Vegan Festival And Blast Vegans For ‘Making People Malnourished’

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 04.04.19
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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of militant vegans, but in their protests outside butchers and their storming of steak restaurants, they’ve inadvertently spawned an ‘anti-vegan’ movement. Carnivores I guess you could call them.

I’m sure you’ve seen the sort; they’re so against veganism that they crash various vegan-related events, chowing down on huge slabs of meat – including a pig’s head – which is not only provocative but absolutely disgusting.

I just don’t understand why these two opposing factions have become so aggressive. Can’t we all just agree to disagree and let people get on with their own lives?

Apparently not, because a couple of blokes have cashed a vegan protest in Melbourne by eating raw liver, slamming the animal activists for ‘making people malnourished’.

YouTube footage of the men has emerged showing them brazenly ambushing a group of vegan protesters on the street before gorging on an oversized bloodied liver.

The clip was shared by YouTuber sv3rige – the same man who hit headlines recently after eating raw squirrel – and in it vegans can be heard saying:

“You look really proud of yourself”. To which the meat-eater replies: ‘I am proud’.

Oohhh, you’re hard.

While the vegans questioned the pair about their reasoning for such a graphic display, one of the men appeared to throw a chunk of flesh into the middle of the road.

“What a waste of meat,” one of the vegans said.

“Now the bird’s will eat it,” the man replied back.

When the vegan activists asked the men why they felt the need to eat raw meat, one of the men said ‘because you guys are making people malnourished’.

“You don’t understand you’re making people sick.”

Check out the footage in its entirety below:

I really don’t know what point they’re trying to make by doing this. Seems completely pointless, and no matter how strongly I believed in something there’s no way I’d be willing to eat a raw liver to prove it.

Apparently, the stunt was predicted, as an Animal Activist Collective spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that they were tipped off that a ‘pure carnivore’ would try and disrupt the protest.

They told the paper: “They were encouraged to do this by a YouTuber by the name of ‘sv3rige’ which they follow as though his word is gospel.”

“These ‘ex vegans’ usually then go on to blame a plant based diet based on their misguided idea of what a healthy vegan diet is and end up taking things to an even more extreme.”

Seems like a weird cult this guy’s garnered.

The YouTuber explains his ‘mission’ on his Patreon page, writing:

I make videos about eating raw meat, the natural human diet. Anti-vegan videos because plant-based diets are the number one reason human health has been destroyed.

“I interview ex-vegans who got sick because of veganism and more. Here I will post real life videos of what I do in everyday life, workout videos and more.”

Sv3rige, you’re causing a bit of a nuisance of yourself at the moment.

Just stop it.

Images via YouTube

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