UFC Fighter Suffers Horrifying Broken Nose During MMA Fight

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, Weird
Published 12.08.19

UFC fighter Mike Perry’s nose break from his latest fight is absolutely ridiculous.

Before we start, I want you all to do something for me. I want you all to close your eyes and imagine this (somehow reading what to imagine with closed eyes)…

You’re making a bust of a person out of clay. It’s going exceedingly well as you apply the final touches to the face. Clumsily though, you’ve perched upon a precariously balanced pool cue in front of a closed door.


UH OH! Someone’s just opened the door and WHAM! The bust has fallen to the floor, flattening as it makes contact with the ground. You pick it up, wincing as you do so to observe that damage and hey, it actually doesn’t look so bad… you can tell it’s a face, just the nose is smushed as flat down as possible.

That’s what Mike Perry looked like after his fight with Vicente Luque.

The America MMA specialist entered the Octagon for UFC Fight Night at the Antel Arena last Saturday to face Luque, ultimately losing, when the injury occurred.


mike perry Vicente Luque

Perry took a stunning blow to the face from the Brazilian’s knee (there’s no way of not making that sound like an innuendo) in the fight he lost – down the judges’ decision – and the resulting injury has to be seen to be believed.

We’ve all seen broken noses, but we’ve never seen anything like this.

If you’re not a fan of blood or broken noses, then scrolling down probably isn’t for you…



He need some milk!

So much blood. So much bones in the wrong place. We hate to see it.

You know when people go to SeaWorld (booo) and cheer when they get splashed by the orcas? Is that the same as front row UFC spectators when they get splattered with blood? I assume so.

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