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UK Woman Who Married Ghost Is Angry As Her Husband ‘Ruins’ Honeymoon


UK woman who married ghost is angry as her husband ‘ruins’ honeymoon. Brocarde, a singer-songwriter, has already spoken out about her strange relationship with Edwardo the ghost. They married this year.

Edwardo supposedly met her for the first time when he "came into" her bedroom late one night last year and made her feel "things." Since then, they've upped the ante by getting married, exchanging vows on Halloween at The Asylum Chapel in London.

It turns out, though, that Brocarde and her phantom lover's trip to Barry Island in Glamorgan, South Wales, wasn't exactly smooth sailing. UK woman who married ghost is angry as her husband ‘ruins’ honeymoon.

Brocarde described how her new spouse tried to act "passionate" and she got buried in sand and had an ice cream cone shoved in her face. She said:

The whole trip just seemed to get worse and worse. Edwardo thought he was being passionate and romantic by wrestling me to the ground to frolic in the sand, but I was trying to share my ice cream with him and it went everywhere, all over my face, in my hair and the of course the sand stuck to it so I looked like I’d had a fightwith a giant seagull.

We should of been on an amazing honeymoon but from that point on it was just ruined. Edwardo has always been unpredictable so it is typical that he would ruin our honeymoon!

Edwardo obviously doesn’t have a bank card, so it is always me that has to pick up the tab everywhere we visit… and he certainly likes to go wild in our hotel room minibars.

Liquor bottles are always mysteriously left empty, aside from the gin bottle, they are always left standing, he’s obviously not that partial to that spirit.

When we arrived to our hotel he suggested ordering 12 bottles of the best champagne to the room knowing that I have to pick up the bill!

In addition, Brocarde from Oxfordshire said Edwardo becomes "very jealous" around the holidays and that she's tried to put up a tree but he "keeps knocking it over."

She stated, "He hates the thought of Santa coming down the chimney and he even tried to board it up, I have told him that Santa visits everyone and he doesn’t have a crush on me, but he just doesn’t understand!"


UK woman who married ghost is angry as her husband ‘ruins’ honeymoon as she has to pay for everything and gets covered in ice cream when he tried to get "passionate."

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