UK’s Coronavirus Death Rate Drops To Lowest Since Pre-Lockdown

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 08.06.20

The UK Coronavirus death rate has dropped to its lowest since before the lockdown.

A lot of people have died at the hands of the current global health crisis and it’s slightly reassuring to know that the number of deaths is slowly lowering to something more manageable.

Any deaths due to something that was almost entirely avoidable for one reason or another are too many, of course, but the current death rate in the UK is at 40,597, which is insane.

uk death rate

The good news though is that before yesterday, the number was at 40,542, meaning the death rate rose by only 55; the lowest it’s been since before the nationwide lockdown began.

The number of deaths from Coronavirus on the day the lockdown began on the 23rd March were 74, while the number of new cases in the UK as of today is 1,205; also the lowest number yet since the beginning of lockdown.

It’s not all good news though as obviously people are still dying and also, the UK is the second country – after the US – to have a death toll over the 40,000 threshold. That’s proof that things could have been done a lot better over in the UK and the people over in parliament have acted pretty poorly over this whole pandemic.

It’s also worth saying that while any COVID-19 deaths in the UK are too many, that the majority of people dying from the virus are either old, or had serious underlying health issues.

As the BBC somewhat menacingly said:

Experts predict there will be significant overlap between the coronavirus deaths and those that would normally be expected to die“.

It’s because of these slightly encouraging stats that UK pubs are set to open towards the end of June, on the 22nd.

According to the Financial Times, “three senior Whitehall officials said the target date was 22 June,” however Downing Street said:

No date had been set for the reopening of beer gardens, marquees and terraces“.

God that would be nice.

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