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Uncle Roger Blasts Geoffrey Zakarian's Take On Filipino Adobo


Uncle Roger blasts Geoffrey Zakarian's take on Filipino adobo. Uncle Roger voiced his dissatisfaction with the well-known chef's interpretation of the Filipino meal.

He pointed out that the components, which included lemon, parsley, onion, and habanero, did not belong in "classic Filipino adobo," as Zakarian put it.

When did this happen? This happened on August 28, 2022.

In an episode of Food Network's "The Kitchen," which was uploaded to YouTube in April 2019, Chef Zakarian makes Filipino adobo.

Nigel Ng, a Malaysiancomedian better known online as Uncle Roger, discussed how Zakarian wrongly prepared adobo. Uncle Roger blasts Geoffrey Zakarian's take on Filipino adobo.

The chef's use of too much water and too little garlic and bay leaves also infuriated the comedian. As Uncle Roger says in the video,

Use the right amount, not the white amount.

The national dish of the Philippines and a mainstay of Filipino cooking is adobo. When the right amounts of soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, bay leaves, garlic, sugar, and water are mixed together, they make a sticky glaze with salty, sour, and sometimes sweet flavors.

A prominent figure in the food industry, Zakarian is an American chef, television personality, a restaurateur with three highly regarded restaurants, and author with a cookbook that has won awards.

The video in which Chef Zakarian makes adobo is provided below. If you're Filipino, share your view in the comment section.

Geoffrey Zakarian Makes Filipino Adobo Chicken | The Kitchen | Food Network

On numerous Food Network programs, such as "Chopped," "Top Chef," "Hell's Kitchen," and "Cutthroat Kitchen," he has served as a judge. In 2014, Zakarian also joined the cast of "The Kitchen" as a co-host.

"Spending money on a saucepan, spending money on an expensive suit but the ingredients for adobo wrong. Why don’t you spend money on a Filipino cookbook instead?", the YouTuber humorously asked.

The video has received similar responses from Filipino viewers as well, and it currently has over 1,450,000 views. Another person commented, "I’m a full-blooded Filipino and I can say that I have NEVER seen anybody cook adobo with parsley and lemon until now."

"As someone who is Filipino, this is how American chefs try to ‘Americanize’ Asian dishes and they get the cooking instructions all wrong haiyaa," a commenter commented.

"As Filipinos, we always say that everyone has the freedom to make their own twist into the humble adobo due to how simple it is. You make the world’s most expensive adobo and we wouldn’t even bat an eye," one commenter wrote.

But seriously just because you can doesn’t mean you should, if you’re gonna make your own twist into the adobo, don’t call it traditional and at least have the decency to have it resemble the adobo. Don’t call a watery burnt sauce with sauteed meat inside it ‘adobo.’


Uncle Roger blasts Geoffrey Zakarian's take on Filipino adobo. Some other Filipinos have the same reaction too as mentioned above.

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