‘Unicorn Puppy’ Is A Golden Retriever With One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head

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Published 13.03.20

The unicorn puppy is a lovely golden retriever with one floppy ear on the middle of her head.

All puppies are fantastic, really. There are a few breeds of dog that I’m not necessarily a fan of, but I think we can all agree that every young dog is a wonderful thing.


Rae is one of those little bundles of joy who has something that makes her different from the rest of her counterparts, as she is known as the unicorn puppy.

Why does she have that moniker? Well, she only has one ear that’s in the middle of her head, like a little unicorn horn, albeit one with no structural integrity.


Is it a bit cruel to call her a unicorn puppy, I guess, in the same way that it doesn’t seem fair that Captain Hook is named after his disability, but hey, at least Rae is very cute.

Rae’s story is an odd one, as she doesn’t have a unicorn ear due to some sort of mutation, but rather because she lost one of her ears at a very young age.

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Unicorn in full effect🤣🦄

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Her remaining ear then “migrated” the the middle of her head, rather inexplicably.

According to The Mirror, Rae’s vet said:

She was bit by her mum at a couple days old. Lost her ear and had to have her skin sutured. It pulled her one ear to the top of her head.”


Why would her mum do that? Seems sort of mean. You wouldn’t catch my mum biting off my ear, at least I don’t think so. I’ll have to ask her, but I’m pretty certain she’ll say no to “would you bite my ear off at any point?”


The bio on Rae’s Instagram account echoes this, reading:

I’m a one eared golden retriever! Accidental injury at birth left me with only my right ear. As I grew, it migrated to the top of my head.

She’s a pretty great dog, I’ll give her that.

It’s not often enough we get unicorns among us.

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